Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journal Club: Greek Myths

Reading Strategy: Self-Talk
As we read complex texts, it is important to check in with our understanding. One way to do that is to "talk" to oneself while reading and to ask oneself questions while reading. Here are some examples:

  • What did I just read?
  • Do I understand what I just read?
  • Hmm, I'm a little confused. Maybe I'll reread that section.
  • WOW! That was interesting! I want to look up more information about that!

Task: Record YOUR Self-Talk
As you read one of the articles below (or an article of your choosing), write down one mini-conversation you have with yourself while reading. Do this in place of a summary in your reading log for today.

Here are articles that explore different facets of Greek Myths:

1) Hero Complex: Pop Culture Unmasked
What can Hollywood learn from Greek wisdom? How does Hollywood portray Greek myths?
(This article is about Percy Jackson!)

2) Art, Percy Jackson, and Greek Mythology
What do artifacts teach us about Greek Mythology? What god or goddess do you share traits with?

3) 'Percy Jackson' brings Greek Mythology to Life
How did you first learn about Greek Mythology? Why is it beneficial to take ancient myths and rewrite them as teen novels?

4) Talking with Rick Riordan
What inspired Riordan to write the Percy Jackson series?

5) Can Greek mythology inform modern science?
Why does the author propose that a liberal arts (non-sciences - like history, classics, literature, etc) important to advancing modern science? Do you agree? Why or why not?

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