Monday, October 7, 2013

Journal Club: Fall Medley

Happy Friday!!!!!

I can't wait to hear about your Fall Break adventures! Get outside! Have fun! Be safe! Eat pumpkin-y things!

Here are articles for you to check out for DEAR.

1) The (almost) Magical Foam Roller
Useful information about how to prevent and fix running injuries.

2) Knee Pain
Runners and their knees... it's a love hate relationship :-). Here are some common injuries. DON'T DIAGNOSE yourself! Always go see a doctor :-).

3) Get up to speed on six of the latest music trends...
AH Gangam Style... ugh. :-)
4) The Devil's Tramping Ground
A "non-fiction" account of visiting the Devil's Tramping grounds in Siler City

5) Ten Fun Things to do with Pumpkins
YAY! FALL! YAY! PUMPKINS! ALL THE THINGS need to be pumpkin-ified :-)

6) 50 Pumpking Recipes for Fall...

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