Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Perspectives on Bullying

HELLO Advisees!

I am impressed with your honesty and openness as we have discussions about bullying. SO, lets keep it going so we can improve LEC!

Step 1)
In your notebook, respond to the following:

  • I feel bullied when...
  • I speak up for myself when...
Go back to you first list (I feel bullied when...) and circle things related to teacher-student bullying.

Step 2)
WITHOUT POSTING YOUR NAME, use the padlet below to again respond to "I feel bullied when..."

Step 3) Respond to the prompt below in the padlet. Once again, post without your name!! 
Many of you have mentioned that teachers can bully too. This is something I'd like to address with the faculty (without using names!).

Step 4) Respond to the following in your notebook:
  1. Have you seen students bully teachers? Explain.
  2. Which have you observed happening more often, students bullying teachers, students bullying students, teachers bullying students?
  3. If you assumed positive intent, would your answers to any of the above change? Why or why not?
  4. If I discuss this with the faculty, what would you definitely want me to address?
  5. How can we, as teachers, empower YOU to not be a victim?
Thanks for all your insight!! Keep on being awesome!!

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