Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Step Up, Stand Up: The Bully-Free at LEC Toolbox

Happy Thursday!

Today we will create a tool box to empower you to prevent and stop bullying.

Warm Up:
Go through this diagram and decide if you are assertive or not. We will return to this.

1) Recognize bullying:
  • What is your definition of bullying?
  • How do your friends, family, classmates, teachers define bullying?
  • What is the intent behind your actions?
  • What is the intent behind the action of others?
2) Know who to turn to.
  • Blind reports
  • Teachers!!!
3) Build Self-Confidence.

A great resource can be found here.

4) Be assertive. 

  • Say what you want/need and say it positively. Be aware of other people's needs.

  • I am concerned when I see _____. It makes me feel _____. I request that you _____.
  • I feel __________ when you _________ so can you_____________.
Try it out:
Think of a time that you've felt bullied. Briefly describe the situation to a partner. Then, use an "I" statement from above to tell your partner how you are being impacted by their actions. Discuss if you are successfully assertive.

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