Sunday, November 3, 2013

Journal Club: Getting Grateful, 4 November

Happy November everyone!!!!

This week's articles focus on gratitude - why it's a great practice, people to be thankful for, etc. Enjoy! Say thanks!

1) The benefits of gratitude:
Read why three people practice gratitude. These stories do include the religious and spiritual beliefs of the people sharing their insights.

2) Gratitude and well being: The benefits of appreciation:
Dense article but it focuses on health and gratitude and it's based on a study done with teen participants!!! Ask me if you want help understanding it!

3) Catching hope: High school softball player uses gratitude to deal with paralysis:
This young lady and her entire community are inspiring!

4) North Jersey communities show their gratitude on Veteran's Day:
How are we supporting a new generation of veterans? How do we support veterans of previous wars?

5) 100 ways to honor a veteran:
What can you do? Also! You can donate left over Halloween candy. Google it!

6) 9 new ways to practice gratitude:
Interesting ideas based on the work of Brene Brown (totally listen to her TED talks! They are AMAZING!!!) (I apologize for the gender derogatory term used in one of the tips, otherwise its just such a great article!)

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