Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's be SMART about our goals!

Heyyyy Advisees!

As your first semester winds down, you will have a lot to do to wrap up the semester with a BANG! So, it is useful to know how to set goals that will keep you on track without making you crazy. Over the next few days, that is what we'll be working on.

I can...
-Evaluate the effectiveness of a goal I set
-Create a SMART goal
-Take actions towards reaching my SMART goal

1) Write a school-related goal on a post-it note.
2) Trade goals with a partner and evaluate the goals for effectiveness by answering the following:
  • How do you know when you have met your goal?
  • How will you evaluate whether or not you are successful?
  • What are the steps to reaching this goal?
3) Discuss relative effectiveness of goals. 
  • What would a goal that you are likely to meet ACTUALLY say? 
  • What are some aspects of effective goals?

4) What is a SMART goal? Write the acrostic in your notebook. Then, with your partner, define how your letter relates to goal-setting. We'll share out definitions. Jot these down as well.
Wednesday: Explore internet safety
1) Warm Up (for Ms. Nickel's class):
  • List the following for this week: 1) a challenge, 2) a success, 3) a funny memory, 4) 2 things you are grateful for, 5) the best question you asked in class, 6) the best thing you did with a friend
2) Create a SMART goal that you can complete by 9pm tonight! In your notebook, write one sentence per letter explaining how your goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

3) Discuss the class SMART goals. How will you know when you've met your goal? What will you do when you've met your goal?

4) Create a SMART goal for the end of the semester. Write this on your index card for you to keep.

Tuesday: Illustrated SMART goals!
Create a mini-poster to display your semester SMART goal! Your mini-poster must include:

1) Your goal in one sentence or less
2) An explanation for how your goal is SMART
3) 3 relevant illustrations
4) Your name

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