Saturday, November 30, 2013

Speeding through Questions!

I can…
-write higher order thinking questions to determine what I am getting stuck on in different classes
-practice ways to be social and study, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Make 2 lists of at least 10 questions each about the following:
  1. Write a list of specific questions about topics you are confused about from any class or a question about how to study for a specific class or topic. Write higher order thinking questions.
  2. Generate a list of random questions. Examples include: Would you rather hike 10 miles for ice cream or jump up and down for 20 minutes for candy?, What is your favorite song?, Where do you shop?, What are you doing over winter break?
If you finish early, work on assignments for another class.


Speeding Through Questions!
  1. If you are in my class you will sit across the table with a partner from Mrs. Wiggs’ advisory class. You will move every two minutes. If you are in Ms. Wiggs’ class, you will stay in the same seat. Have paper/your notebook and a pen/pencil on your desk so you can explain confusions from classes to your partner.
  2. Every time partners change, we will tell you to ask a question from one of your lists, OR we will ask you a question for both of you to answer. 
  3. If there is a question that you find really interesting or have further questions about, write it down in your notebook.


1) Reflection: Respond to any of the following prompts in a TPEEA paragraph. You then have the remainder of the period to work on assignments for another class.
1) Think back to a question that was asked yesterday, write a TPEEA paragraph answering the  
question OR write why you thought it was so interesting.
2) Write about a question you thought was missing.
3) Respond to the objectives. Did this assignment help you meet the objectives?

2) Study hall

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