Friday, January 3, 2014

Second Semester, Week 1: Set up for Success!

Welcome back Advisees!!!!

I hope you all had an awesome, restful, fun, family-filled Winter Break! Happy 2014!!! WOOT! Second semester!!!

Make sure you give the Advisory Newsletter to your parents!

Wednesday, 8 January
Set Up for a Successful Semester

1) Set up Google folders for the semester. There should be at least one for each class (including Advisory).
2) Put syllabi into folders.
3) Identify a key point from each syllabi, write each key point on a sticky note.
4) Put sticky notes on the board around each class name.
5) Compare the keywords that other students picked out.
6) Discuss the differences between what you thought the keywords were and what your teacher said the keywords were.
Homework assigned: Wednesday, 8 January
due: Thursday, 9 January
A Semester of SMART goals

1) Watch the flipclass video here to review the parts of a SMART goal.
2) Use the sheet you got in class or the online version here (copy and paste to your Google Drive) to:

  • Write a SMART goal for each class (consider: commit to adding questions to all of your C-notes, studying by doing ___).
  • Write a SMART goal about college/career plans.
  • Write a SMART goal for life outside of classes.
A-Level Task: 
  • Work with another student (it's okay if he or she is not in our Advisory). 
  • Evaluate your partner’s goals. Give your partner feedback on how to make their goals SMARTer. (You can do this in Google Docs if you want to!)
  • Revise your goals.
***Bring your sheet with you to AVID on Thursday!!!***

For Thursday, 9 Jan
Strengths Rankings

***Bring your SMART goal sheet with you to AVID today!!!***

Essential Question: How can being aware of my strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of my classmates create an effective and exciting learning environment at LEC?

Big Idea: Relationships

Objective: Students will be able to:
-Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
-Reflect on areas for growth.
-List ways to work with classmates effectively.

1) Read through the strengths listed below.
2) Pretend you have a group project in the class you struggle with the most at LEC. Which strengths do you wish you had so you could make this project AWESOME? Choose your top 5. Rank these 1 (want the most) to 5 (want the least).
3) Look back at the list. Which 5 strengths do you think you demonstrate the most right now? Rank these 1-5.
4) Highlight strengths that overlap. WOOT! You can contribute these to group projects!
5) Think about it: Which strengths do you need?
6) Discuss as a class: How could you work with classmates in groups to excel in completing difficult projects? How could working with other students (not just on difficult group projects) help you excel?
6) Written Reflection: Write three steps you could take to create an effective and exciting learning environment at LEC. Consider how you will work with other students.

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