Friday, February 7, 2014

How can you plan to meet your college, career, and life goals? Weekly Plans, February 17-21, 24-28

Hey Advisees! Welcome to our Financial Literacy and Aid Unit!

Introduction: What do you spend money on? Will your chosen career support your lifestyle? How will you afford college? With careful planning, you are more likely to be able to meet your college, career, and life goals. For this unit, you will have to do some out of class work (mainly talking to your parents), so don't skip that!
Tuesday, 18 February

Objective: I can create a personal budget.

1) Warm Up: Tell the story of last week by drawing a mathematical equation of the things you bought.

2) Budget Predictions

  1. Discuss with a partner: What do you think you will be spending money on when you graduate from LEC?
  2. Fill out the budget sheet with your predicted monthly costs!
  3. HOMEWORK DUE THURSDAY! Discuss your family's monthly budget with your parents/guardians. Add these numbers in a different color writing to your initial budget sheet.
Wednesday, 19 February

I can...
...List three careers I am interested in that require different amounts of education
...Research the salaries I could earn for different careers
...Relate education to salary earned

1) Task 1: Create and complete the following table in your notebook.

Level of Education
Career I’m interested in
Expected Salary
Source (name of website)
High School Diploma

Associate’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

2) Task 2: 
Create a three circle Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the different careers you are interested in. Do they all fall in the same career cluster?
3) Task 3:
Predict: Highlight the careers that have salaries that would allow you to do all the things you want to do.

4) Task 4:
List three action steps you will take to earn the degree you want to earn.

Thursday, 20 February

I can...
...Assess how my values impact my spending
...Revise my budget based on my future career and values

1) Warm Up: 
  1. Draw a circle. 
  2. List your values, your needs, and your wants that require you to spend money.
  3. Assign each item on your list a percent that reflects how much of your money you will spend on that item.
  4. Turn your circle into a piechart that visually shows where you'll spend money.

2) Budget Revisions!
  1. Match the items on your list to items on your budget sheet.
  2. Multiply the percents from your pie chart with your salary from yesterday.
  3. Add these numbers in a third color to your budget worksheet. 
  4. Compare and contrast these numbers with your family numbers and your predicted numbers.
  5. Reflect: What will you need to do to be able to spend money the way you want to?
****Resource here!*****
Tuesday, 25 February
I can...
...Understand the basic financial aid terms
...List strategies for finding and receiving financial aid

1) Warm Up: What do you know about financial aid? Scholarships?
2) Take notes during Mr. Testa's presentation on Financial Aid 101!

Wednesday, 26 February
I can apply what I learned in Mr. Testa's talk.

***Turn in all work from last week!!!***

1) Warm Up: What have you learned about financial aid and scholarships? What do you still want to know?

2) Task: Complete the sheet from Mr. Testa's talk yesterday. You should be focusing on number 5! Ask me if you need help.
Thursday, 27 February
I can...
...suggest strategies to deal with different financial situations.
...list action steps high schoolers can take as we prepare for college, careers, and life.

1) Warm Up: 
  1. Will you need financial aid and scholarships? 
  2. What will you do to ensure you are eligible for scholarships?
  3. What will you do to remember to fill out financial aid paperwork correctly?
2) I NEED MONEY! What do I do?????
  1. Take your given scenario and propose action steps that will help a student deal with the scenario.
  2. Share out your action steps and resources with the class.
  3. List useful resources in your notebook.
3) Work on bringing up your advisory grade!

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