Sunday, March 30, 2014

Journal Club: College, Degrees, and other things! OH MY!

Hey y'all! Here is your journal club post for this week...

College and Career Ready

  • It's not easy being 27
    • Just in case we haven't sold you on the idea of staying in school...check out this article and these graphics!
  • What are all these degrees?
    • Do you understand what an AA, AS, AAS, BA, BS, and/or Certificate are? If not, check this out!
  • I'm First!
    • Are you the first in your family to be working toward a four year degree? If so, check out this site to learn more about being successful as a first generation college student!
  • Should she stay or should she go?
    • What if your family needs you? Will college help the most in the long run? How do you decide?
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