Monday, March 31, 2014

What college will help me reach my career goals? Daily Plans: Tuesday-Thursday, 1-3 April

Happy April Advisory Fellows!!!
Homework: Colleges page of weebly due on April 7th, by 9pm
Objectives: I can...
...find a college that fits my career goals.
...evaluate whether or not I will succeed at that college considering my SWOT chart.
...research details about attending that college.
...publish my findings on a weebly page.
  1. Warm Up: List things you would do in your ideal day in college.
  2. College Search!
Create a page on your site that explores THREE colleges that offer the degree(s) you would need.  This page should include:
  • Tuition and tuition breakdowns (how much is room and board?  how much are books?)
  • Admissions statistics:
    • SAT scores
    • ACT scores
    • Average GPA
    • Minimum GPA
  • Five random school facts (ex: mascot, population, most popular sport, etc.)
  • A TPEEA paragraph that relates who you are, your SWOT chart, and your career goals to a claim about which college you would be most successful attending.

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