Monday, March 24, 2014

Who are you? Where will you go? What will your digital footprint be? Daily Plans: Tuesday, 25 March

HELLO Advisory Fellows!

Today I'm at Envirothon! Miss you!!!!
Objective: I can...
...explore who I am.
...explain the impact my strengths and weaknesses will have on my future.
...create an awesome, professional, authentic digital footprint.
Tasks for Today!

1) Complete all the parts of your weebly!
  • Paragraph about who you are
  • Tagxedo word cloud
  • What I do meme about your future career or you now
  • SWOT table with a caption predicting how your table will impact your future
2) Email!
  1. Send me an email by 9pm with your weebly URL. 
  2. Your email should be formally written. 
  3. Ask me to look at your website and give you feedback.
3) What are we doing next?
  1. Read through this sheet to see where we are going.
  2. Copy the sheet into your Google Drive Advisory folder. This way, you can add information to it as you do research.
4) Exit Ticket: Match yourself!
  1. Skim the career pathways descriptions. 
  2. Which career pathway do you think you want to take? Why?

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