Monday, April 7, 2014

How can my plans for LEC and CCCC help me meet work towards my success? Daily Plans: Tuesday-Thursday, 8-10, 15-17 April

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday AVID buddies!

This week and next week you'll be adding on to your Weebly, making revisions, and getting ready to present for me and your parents! WOOT!


  • Your entire weebly is due no later than your parent conference OR Thursday, 17 April (which ever is first). 
  • Email me the URL when you are ready for me to take a look! 
  • If you need an extension to completely finish the Graduation Plan, make sure you are ready to present the components listed in the checklist. 

Objectives: I can...
...find courses that transfer from CCCC to my university of choice.
...create a list that will be a basis for my graduation plan.
...state which courses I will need to ask for help in and which I am excited to take!
...revise my Weebly.
Tuesday-Thursday for Two Weeks

1) Warm Up: What classes do you struggle with the most? What resources can you use to get help to succeed in these courses?

2) Read the Presentation Checklist here.

3) Look through this: Here's a sample Weebly to look at!

2) Graduation Plan 101: Course list!
  1. Read the steps here and then follow them!
  2. Resources: Major Worksheets:
  3. Resources: Course Transfer Info
  4. Make sure these classes align with your career goals!
    1. Nursing: AA
    2. Undecided: AA
    3. Education (non science)/History/English/Education/Law/Architecture: AA
    4. Engineering/Medicine/Information Technology/Science education/Veternarian: AS
  5. Add two sentences to your Weebly page.
    1. What class will you need help with? How will you get help?
    2. What class are you most excited about? Why?
3) Wrap Up! 
  1. Make sure all parts of your Weebly page are done!
  2. Use the checklist here to revise your website and plan your presentation.

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