Monday, April 21, 2014

What does "wellness" look like in my life? Daily Plans: Tuesday, 21 April

Happy Tuesday Advisory Fellows!!!!

Here's what's up next!!!
  1. Finish your weebly! Meet with me at lunch if you need help! Schedule a time to meet with me and your parents/guardians before May 5!!!!!!!!
  2. Bring in field trip money!!!!

Essential Question: What does "wellness" look like in my life?
Objectives: I can…
...define wellness.
...identify components of wellness.
...evaluate my current wellness balance.
...try new ways to “be well.”
...set personal wellness goals.
Welcome to the Health and Wellness Unit! Get excited to get moving and eating mindfully!!!!

1) In your notebooks:
  1. Define wellness.
  2. List the components of wellness. List what you do to stay “well” in each way.
  3. Rank each component of wellness from a 1-5, 5 being “I’m SOOOO well in this way, I could teach others!” and 1 being, “um...I haven’t thought about that in ages. I don’t know where to start.”
  4. Draw a wellness circle chart like the one below to show your relative wellness.
3) Bat Tossing Game
  1. Write a health/wellness question and add it to the box.
    1. Examples: What is your favorite healthy snack? What is the weirdest diet trend you've heard of? What do you do to stay active?
    2. Non-examples (DO NOT use these!): How much do you weigh? How much do you eat in a day?
  2. Answer your question when the bat gets tossed to you!

4) Review the schedule and expectations for the next few weeks.
  1. Check your email to see if I've emailed you anything important and stop by if you need weebly help!
  2. If you have field trip money/forms bring it to me before school starts or before advisory starts! I need this ASAP!!!!
  3. Full participation! 
    1. This means that on days when you are doing something physically active you come dressed to be active! 
      1. Yoga: Pants or shorts that are stretchy, a t-shirt or tank top that won’t fall over your face if you fold forward. You don’t need socks or sneakers.
      2. Walking: Clothes and shoes you can walk in comfortably.
      3. Running/Conditioning and Strength Training: Shorts that are mid-thigh in length or capris or pants, running shoes and socks, and a t-shirt or tank top that you don’t mind getting sweaty in.
  4. You get to the session you are taking part in ON TIME (11:02)! 
  5. Postivity: A lot of you are trying something new and that is AWESOME! Ask lots of questions and stay postive!!!!

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