Monday, August 25, 2014

What do I need to know to succeed? Weekly Plans: 26-28 August

Hey Advisory Fellows!
Homework: Strength, Struggle, Solution, Support email by 5pm Wednesday! Set an alarm!!!
Subject: Name, Weekly Advisory Update
Dear Ms. Nickel,
This week I showed strength in being a club leader. I struggled with getting enough sleep. I can solve this by setting a 30 min warning for bedtime alarm. You could support me by asking if I remembered to reset my alarm.
Thanks! Sincerely,
Ms. Nickel
Big Idea: Structure
Essential Question: What do I need to know to succeed?
Objectives: I can...
...list important features of Blackboard and WebAdvisor.
...create a contact list of important people at CCCC.
...identify areas for personal growth.
Tuesday, 26 August

1) Login to both Blackboard and WebAdvisor.
2) Complete the scavenger hunt.
3) Turn it in!
Wednesday, 27 August

1) Warm Up: List important people at CCCC on the board.
2) Create a phone book or contact list in your Google Drive of these people.
3) Email one person to introduce yourself or ask a question. Bcc me!
Thursday, 28 August

1) Warm Up: Look through your sent or deleted emails. List three strengths and weaknesses you've shown this year.
2) Begin working on writing your PGP.

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