Monday, September 1, 2014

How can I plan for my success? Weekly Plans: 2-5 September

Hey Advisory Fellows!!! Welcome back from a fantastic, summery, 3-day weekend!
Homework: Strength, Struggle, Solution, Support email by 5pm Wednesday! Set an alarm!!!
Subject: Name, Weekly Advisory Update
Dear Ms. Nickel,
This week I showed strength in being a club leader. I struggled with getting enough sleep. 

I can solve this by setting a 30 min warning for bedtime alarm. You could support me by asking if I remembered to reset my alarm.
Thanks! Sincerely,
Ms. Nickel
Big Idea: Structures lead to student success
Essential Question: How can I plan for my success?
Objectives: I can...
...identify areas where I need to grow.
...set goals.
...practice writing subjects to go with different emails.
Daily Plans for Tuesday
1) Ask questions you have about the PGP presentation.
2) Make a PGP folder and copy the template into your folder.
3) Fill in areas for growth and two monthly goals for each.
Personal Growth Plan************************************
Daily Plans for Wednesday
1) Add on two more monthly goals to your PGP.
2) Building a Formal Email: Subject and Greeting Swap!

  1. On separate index cards, write the purpose and audience for 5 different times you'd send emails that are school related.
  2. Swap with a neighbor.
  3. On the back of the card, list an example and non-example for a subject and for a greeting.
  4. Check with a neighbor.
3) Meet with Ms. Nickel to review your PGP!
***Don't forget your SSSS email!!!!! I'll be looking for a formal subject and greeting :-)***
Daily Plans for Thursday
1) Add on potential next steps to your PGP.
2) List resources you'll need.
3) Find one online resource that could help and add the link to your PGP.
4) Begin working on toward meeting your September goal!

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