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How can understanding the structure of the PLAN test help me prepare? Weekly Plans: 29 Sept - 3 October, 6-8 October

Happy Almost End of your 3rd High School Quarter!!!!! WOOTTTT!
Homework: SSSS email by Wednesday at 5pm.
Comics with science terms!!! WOOTTTT!!!!
Environmental policy for the win!!!!!!
Announcement: The Lee County College Fair is this Wednesday, Oct 1st @ the Civic Center! 
This is your opportunity to:
  • Talk to college representatives! 
  • Discover more about the colleges you are interested in OR haven't even heard of! 
  • And, remove a low grade in Advisory...
**I will be there if you need back up in talking to people :-).**
Big Idea: Structures for student success
Essential Question: How can understanding the structure of the PLAN test help me prepare?
Objectives: I can...
...list the skills I need to use on each section of the PLAN test.
...complete practice problems. on setting and reaching personal goals.
Science Rotation

  1. Before you read: List what you should look at when you read a graph or chart AND diagrams in science.
  2. As you read the overview of the Science Test below, list the following:
    1. Amount of time you have
    2. Number of questions
    3. Types of questions
    4. Skills you need to have to answer the questions
  3. Then, see if you can answer the practice problems. We’ll go through this together. 1) ACT PLAN Practice 2) Key and how to study info!
  4. When you finish the practice problems, use one of the resources below to practice using your skills: 1) Science Passage Practice!
  5. On your notecard, write what you need to do to rock the science part of the PLAN test.

Diagram 1 Example of a Properly Closed LandfillSCIENCE TEST (25 minutes) 30 questions

This test measures your scientific reasoning 
skills, based on material that is typically covered in first- and second-year high school general science courses, including topics in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and meteorology.The test presents five sets of scientific information: two in the data representation format (graphs, tables, and other schematic forms), two in the research summaries format (descriptions of several related experiments), and one in the conflicting viewpoints format (two or more hypotheses that are inconsistent with one another). The multiple-choice questions that follow each set require you to understand the information provided, to examine critically the relationships between the information and the hypotheses developed, and to generalize from the information in order to draw conclusions or make predictions. The use of calculators is not permitted on the Science Test.
Resources to help you out:

Thursday, 2 October
PGP Work Day!
1) Share a highlight from this week! 
2) Fill out the ANONYMOUS form below.

3) Log in to AVISO so I can check your progress.
4) Set a SMART goal for what you will accomplish on your PGP today.
5) Get to work! Let me know if you have questions!!!!

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