Sunday, September 14, 2014

How does the structure of my notes support my success? Weekly Plans: 16-18 September

Happy Week 7 Advisory Fellows!!!
Homework: Strength, Struggle, Solution, Support email is due by Wednesday at 5pm!!! Keep up the great work with these!
Big Idea: Structures lead to student success
Essential Question: How does the structure of my notes support my success?
Objectives: I can...
...practice stress management techniques.
...describe how I can use notes to help me focus.
...revise my notes.
...set and meet personal growth goals.
Performance Task: Two complete sets of Cornell notes
Note taking techniques infographic in this post. Covers the Cornell note taking technique, making mindmaps and why we should take notes. Tuesday, 16 September

1) Warm Up: Three Minutes of Worry (5 min)
  1. List all of the things that you are stressed or worried about right now.
  2. Write or doodle about this list for 3 minutes.
  3. Write 2 actions you can take to alleviate (lessen) some of this stress.
  4. Move on!
2) Cornell Notes Process (5 min)
  1. Add a summary to your Cornell notes on Cornell notes from last week's video.
  2. Your summary answers the HOT questions in the margins.
  3. Highlight the following words in your summary: Curve of forgetting, repitition.
3) Notes Speed Dating
  1. Take out a set of your Cornell notes.
  2. Half of you will stay seated and half of you will move.
  3. With each partner, give a plus and a delta about their notes. We will switch every minute.
    1. Example:
      1. Plus: Your notes are not in sentences and key terms are highlighted. This makes it easy to refer to important information!
      2. Delta: It doesn't look like you revisited your notes. Adding a summary may help you remeber the material.
    2. Non-Example:
      1. Plus: Your notes are neat.
      2. Delta: You are wrong.
Wednesday, 17 September

1) Warm Up: Add a summary to the Curve of Forgetting reading by listing three tips on how to study on the back of the article.

2) Padlet Party!

Created with Padlet
3) Notes Workshop!
  1. Use the feedback from our notes workshop yesterday to revise your notes.
  2. Repeat this process until the end of the period!
Thursday, 18 September

1) Warm Up: Stress Management Reflection
  1. What have you done this week to lower your stress levels?
  2. Was it successful?
2) Personal Growth Time!
  1. Set a SMART goal for what you will work on today for meeting your monthly PGP goal.
  2. Work on that now!

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