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How can self-evaluation and reflection help you plan for success? (Week 13) Week of Oct 27-31

Happy Week 13 Advisory Fellows!
Homework: SSSS Email for a grade! By Wednesday at 8pm!!!!

  • Formal subject (ex: MNickel, SSSS Email)
  • Formal greeting (Dear Ms. Nickel,)
  • 4 sentences for the body of the email.
  • Formal closing (Sincerely, ...)

Big Idea: Structures lead to student success
Essential Question: How can self-evaluation and reflection help you plan for success?
...create a CFNC profile.
...plan to manage my time wisely.
...evaluate my strengths and interests.
...critique the results of my career clusters survey.
...set and meet personal academic goals.
Performance Tasks:
-Journal entry in CFNC
-SSSS Email
Tuesday, 28 October
Intro to CFNC and Time Managment Prep

1) CFNC Introduction
  1. Go to the website here to create a CFNC account.
  2. Explore the website.
  3. List three resources that are on CFNC that can help you reach your PGP goals.
2) Time Managment for the Week!
  1. List all of your assignments for the week.
  2. For each one, write the due date and a time estimate for how long it will take you to complete the assignment.
  3. Rank the assignments in the order you will complete them in.

Wednesday, 29 October
Career Clusters Survey (Take 20...) (YOU LOVE IT!)
  1. Log in to your CFNC account.
  2. Scroll over "My CFNC", select "Career Planning", go to "Career Clusters Survey".
  3. Complete the survey.
  4. Write a journal entry that critiques your career cluster results. 
    1. Go to "My CFNC", scroll to the bottom, select "Your Journal" on the bottom right-hand corner.
    2. List the top three career clusters in your results. 
    3. Write a point stating if you agree with your results.
    4. Use an example from your life to support your point sentence.
    5. Write an analysis sentence explaining why these results matter.
Thursday, 30 October
1) Warm Up Reflection:
Did listing your work on Tuesday help you manage your time? Why or why not?

2) PGP Work Time!
  1. Pull up your college course grades.
  2. Open your PGP.
  3. Set a goal and work!
  4. Add a comment in your PGP to tell me what you completed.
Friday, 31 October

DEAR Day with Mrs. Grello!!!

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