Sunday, October 19, 2014

What choices can I make that will help me be successful? Weekly Plans (Week 12): 20-24 October

Happy ACT PLAN Week Advisory Fellows!!!
Homework: SSSS Email by Wednesday, 5pm! Focus on telling me how I can support you on Thursday! (Example: You could support me by helping me revise my C-notes.)

  1. The ACT PLAN IS IMPORTANT! It helps you make college choices, goal set in ACT Prep, and can set you on the course to get National Merit Scholarships. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!!!
  2. Report card pick up is on Thursday from 3pm-6pm!!!

Big Idea: Structures for Student Success
Essential Question: What choices can I make that will help me be successful?
Objectives: I can...
...evaluate choices I make.
...prepare mentally for the ACT PLAN test.
...set and reach SMART goals.
Tuesday, 21 October
1) Warm Up: Read through your choices for today. Consider what will help you decompress and feel prepared for tomorrow.

  1. Prep for the ACT PLAN.
  2. Write a note to your Freshman Buddy.
  3. Operation Beautiful-ify the bathroom or hallway.
  4. Write yourself or a friend an encouraging note for the week.
  5. Read quietly.
  6. Play a board game.
  7. Play an active game.
2) Do what your choice was and be awesome!
Wednesday, 22 October
1) Brag about what you think you did well on for the ACT PLAN.
2) Class Decompress Time!!!!

Thursday, 23 October
1) Open your PGP document.
2) Work toward one of your goals for the month.
3) Write a summary of what you did as a comment on your PGP.

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