Saturday, November 29, 2014

How can collaboration help me succeed? Weekly Plans: 1-5 December, 8-12 December

Happy 10 Day Review Advisory Fellows!
Email by TUESDAY, 2 December by 8pm: 
  • List of your exams and exam times
  • Highlight the ones you need help with
  • List any other concerns or questions
  • Tell me one highlight from your week
Big Idea: Relationships can support success
Essential Question: How can collaboration help me succeed?
Objectives: I can...
...list study tips and stress mangement strategies.
...identify topics to focus on as I study.
...contrast what NOT to do and what to do as I study.
...create study guides and tools for my classes.
Tuesday, 2 December
Exam Survival Kits and Messages
  1. Get a big envelope. Use sharpies to decorate it with your buddy's name.
  2. Write your buddy an encouraging note on the outside of the envelope.
  3. On the other side of the envelope, write study tips on one side (highlight key terms, review your Cornell notes with a friend) and stress management strategies (eat a balanced meal) on the other side.
  4. Add the following objects to the bag:
    1. 10-20 index cards cut in half
    2. a pen
    3. a piece of gum
    4. a calender with exams marked (decorate it)
    5. a quarter sheet of stickers
    6. your sticky arrow tabs
    7. a few sticky notes
Homework: Email by TONIGHT by 8pm: 
  • List of your exams and exam times
  • Highlight the ones you need help with
  • List any other concerns or questions
  • Tell me one highlight from your week
Wednesday, 3 December
Create a Study Plan
  1. SEND YOUR EMAIL!!!! See above!
  2. Using your list of exams you may struggle with, create a more specific list of topics that confuse you or questions you have.
  3. Create a calendar for studying.
  4. Studying crash course:
    1. Ways to study:
      1. Condensed notes
      2. Run and listen/read
      3. Flash cards
      4. C-note review
      5. Online like this
      6. By yourself - in a group - by yourself (the cycle matters!)
    2. General Tips:
      1. Study in time and content chunks
      2. Frustrated? Write your point-of-confusion, move on, return to after you ask your quetion.
      3. Find a quiet place.
      4. Make it do-able for you! Bath time studying? Telling your cat about history? Chocolate rewards for 30 minutes of focus? Find a routine and stick with it!
      5. Sweet and salty snacks are allegedly the best.
      6. Move around! Oxygen in your brain = better able to retain and process info!
      7. Don't freak! It's a unicorn ride!
  5. Begin studying! 
    1. HIS 111 Crash Course
    2. Accuplacer Review
Thursday, 4 December
Personal Growth Day

1) Personal Growth Self-Evaluation
  1. Pull up your Personal Growth Plan.
  2. Underneath your table add the table below and fill it in.
  3. Make sure you've shared your most recent PGP with me.
  4. Set a goal for the period and work on it. Focus on something that will help with exams.
Area of Growth
Picture of emoticon or video link evaluating progress and mastery
Explain your choice


2) Personal Growth Plan Conference
  1. Between now and next Wednesday, meet with me to discuss the following:
    1. Did you meet your growth goals in your PGP?
    2. What could you have done differently?
    3. What could resources could I have provided?
    4. What would you change about the PGP?
    5. What did you like about the PGP?
    6. Comments, questions, concerns
Homework: Ask your parents to fill this out!

Tuesday and Wednesday, 9-10 December
Study On!

1) PGP Reflection

  1. Add your name to the spreadsheet here.
  2. Answer each question.
  3. I will meet with everyone between now and Thursday.

2) Study Time!

  1. Write one thing you will study for 15 minutes.
  2. Study! 
3) Five-Minute Treat Yo Self Time!
  1. Marshmallow war
  2. Nap
  3. Youtube video
  4. Dance party
  5. Color
Thursday, 11 December
Decompress Time

1) Warm Up:
Write an encouraging note to your secret buddy.

2) Encouraging Video Collage:

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