Sunday, January 11, 2015

What can I do now to ensure my success this semester? Week 2: 12-16 January

Happy Week 2 Advisees!
Homework: Fill out SSSS form by Wednesday at 5pm. Bring a DEAR book on Wednesday and Friday.
Big Idea: Structure
Essential Question: What can I do now to ensure my success this semester?
Objectives: I can...
...complete the online orientation quizzes for my online classes.
...determine what I need help with so I am set up to succeed this semester.
...collaborate to set myself up for success.
...identify an area for growth this semester.
...set a short term goal.
Monday, 12 January
Orient Yourself for Success!

1) Positive Outlook Moment: Share a highlight from last week.

2) Orient Yourself

  1. For any online classes you are enrolled in, log in to Blackboard and complete your orientation quiz.
  2. Self-evaluate the strategies you need help with.
    1. I am a pro at…
    2. I need help with…
  3. Organize your binders by making sure you have...
    1. a section for each class with a table of contents.
    2. a Google Folder for each class.

Tuesday, 13 January
Collaborate to Succeed
1) Content Connections: Syllabi Scavenger Hunt - How will you succeed this semester?
  1. Choose one class that you have the syllabus for already.
  2. Choose a sentence, phrase, and word that will remind you and your classmates of what you need to do to succeed.
  3. Write these on an index card.
  4. Post your card and comment on two others.
2) Mini-Success Workshops

  1. Skim the article that is related to the topic you needed help with.
    1. Staying Motivated
    2. Tips and Tricks for Staying Focused
    3. 10 Tips to Help You Pass Online College
  2. On the SAME side of your index card:
    1. Write a question that would assess if someone else is doing the right things to stay motivated or focused OR to pass a class. (ie Question: Where is the best place to put your cell phone? Answer: NOT on the desk!)
    2. OR Write a question you still need answered. (ie Question: What is your favorite way to manage your time?)
  3. Play quiz-quiz-trade.
  4. Share out helpful tips.
  5. Write yourself a sticky note contract or checklist and place it front of your binder.
    1. Example: Contract:
      1. In this class, I promise myself that I will put my phone away and take color coded notes. I will ask one question during class OR I will go to office hours.
    2. Example 2: Checklist:
      1. I'm at the front of the room.
      2. I listed all of my upcoming assignments.
      3. My phone is away.
      4. I reviewed my notes with a classmate.
REMINDER: DEAR tomorrow!

Thursday, 15 January

1) Preparing your PGP
  1. Look at the comments on your SWOT analysis.
  2. Identify an area for growth based on the comments.
  3. Fill in the first three boxes on the top row in your sheet of the PGP.
2) Today's SMART Goal!
  1. Fill in today's date and a SMART goal for the rest of Advisory today.
  2. Work toward your goal.
  3. Evaluate your success: 1 means you totally didn't finish, 4 means you went above and beyond!

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