Sunday, January 4, 2015

What structures can I develop and use now that will help me succeed? Week 1: 7-9 January

HAPPY 4th Semester of High School Advisory Fellows!!!!!
  1. Show the newsletter to your parents.
  2. Remember to do the Orientation Quizzes in Blackboard on MONDAY for any online classes you are in!
Big Idea: Structure
Essential Question: What structures can I develop and use now that will help me succeed?
Objectives: I can…
...list intentions for 2015.
...list personal and academic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
...determine an area for growth that I want to focus on in my final semester of Advisory.
Wednesday, 7 January
Intentions and SWOT Reading

1) Positive Outlook Moment

  1. On the back of your index card, write a highlight from your break.
  2. On the unlined front of your index card, write an intentention you have for 2015. Start it with “I am…”.

  1. Fill out the Before you Read section of the article.
  2. Partner read the article. As you go, highlight the following:
    1. Times when SWOT charts would be useful
    2. Questions that would be useful for you to ask yourself as you fill out your own SWOT chart
Thursday, 8 January
SWOT Chart and Area for Growth

1) Content Connections: Log in Party!!!

  1. Try to log in to Web Advisor, Cougarmail, and Blackboard. Let me know if there are any that you cannot log in to.
  2. In Web Advisor, check your college schedule. Let me know if you have any classes during Advisory OR if anything else looks funky.

2) Personal SWOT Analysis (Scroll to go to Download Worksheet.)
  1. Share out your group's tips for how to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats.
  2. Fill in your Personal SWOT Analysis.
  3. Use the SWOT chart to determine your overarching area for growth for the semester. Consider that next semester you will not have Advisory. What strengths do you need to master? What threats do you need to avoid? What weaknesses do you need to seek help in? What opportunities will you take?
  4. Once you have finished your SWOT chart, start your new PGP!
    1. Go to your page in the spreadsheet here.
    2. Fill in the Area for Growth, Point Sentence, and Resources.

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