Monday, March 16, 2015

How can I plan to be college ready? Week of 17-19 March

Happy Week 11 Advisees!
Homework: Fill out SSSS form by Wednesday at 6:30pm. Bring a DEAR book on Friday.
Big Idea: Structure
Essential Question: How can I plan to be college ready?
Objectives: I can...
...annotate a track sheet to help me plan.
...create a graph showing positive and negative college events.
...list ways to be successful in the future. and revise current notes.
Performance Task: Annotated track sheet, positive - negative chart
Tuesday, 17 March

1) Positive Outlook Moment:
  1. Add something colorful to the positivity board!
2) Tracksheet Annotating!

  1. Get the correct tracksheet. (Get both if you bounce between careers.)
  2. Highlight courses you have taken in pink if you received a C or higher. 
  3. Highlight in yellow courses you want to take.
  4. Highlight in green courses that you took but did not get a C or higher.
  5. At the top of your track sheet, name your current career, college, and major choice.
  6. Turn your sheet in.
Wednesday, 18 March
1) Course Connections: Add major due dates and exams to the class calendar.

2) Positive Negative Chart

  1. List at least five positive and negative events in your college career so far.
  2. Then, extrapolate to show where you want to end up with college.
  3. Create a positive negative chart like the one on the board.
  4. List obstacles you are worried about.
  5. Then, write how you can turn these obstacles into stepping stones.

Thursday, 19 March
1)  Warm Up: Add to the signs around the room:
  1. What do you do to prepare to study with others?
  2. What makes a study group effective? Ineffective?
  3. How do you know if a study group is working?
  4. What do you do after you study with others?
2) PGP Time! What class do you need to revisit material for? 
  1. Set a goal for how many pages of notes/text/powerpoints you will review. 
  2. How will you review this content?
    1. Highlight key terms.
    2. Write HOT questions.
    3. Write summaries.
    4. Make concept maps that connect information.
    5. Create cheat sheet book marks for important pages.
    6. Make a youtube playlist.
  3. Rate your success!

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