Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How can I plan to meet my goals? Weekly Plans: Wednesday-Thursday, 11-12 March

Happy Registration Time Advisees!
Homework: Go through the form you emailed to your parents/guardians and get it submitted BEFORE Saturday!!!!!
Big Idea: Structure
Essential Question: How can I plan to meet my goals?
Objectives: I can...
...list the classes I'll ideally take next year.
...identify the purpose for those classes.
...send an email to my parents.
...schedule a parent-teacher-student meeting.
...work on my graduation plan.
1) Warm Up: Content Connections
  1. If you got to design a class at LEC or CCCC, what would it be? Why?
2) Registration Central! WOOT!
  1. Copy the 5 year plan here. Rename it "Name - Graduation Plan".
  2. Add classes you have already taken.
  3. Check your email for an email from me.
  4. Add the classes you are already signed up for to your schedule for next year.
  5. THEN, use this list to list other classes you expect to take next year (if you haven't taken them you should list them!)
    1. The next math class
    2. Spanish 111 (fall)/Spanish 112 (spring)
    3. English 111 (fall)/English 112 (spring)
    4. History 131 (fall)/History 132 (spring)
    5. Health Sciences/AS students: Bio 111 (fall)/Bio 112 (spring)
  6. Do you have gaps and time for more classes? Check the lists here and list some classes you are interested in taking that fit with your goals! (Do this on the THIRD sheet of the 5 year plan doc!)
  7. Then, you'll send an email to your parents/guardians: (cc me so I know you sent it!!!!)
    1. Dear _______,
    2. Next year I am planning to take the classes shown on the spread sheet here (or you can list them) because (Why? How do these fit with your goals?)
    3. To register for my classes, we have to meet with Ms. Nickel before March 24. Please work with me to fill out this form (http://goo.gl/forms/YHrwjtJFc4) to ask questions and schedule a meeting time.
    4. Thank you so much! Love you!
      1. Your name
3) Finished with your email? Set a goal in your PGP document and work toward meeting it! 

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