Monday, March 23, 2015

How can I plan to meet my goals? Weekly Plans: 23-27 March

Happy Registration Time Advisees!
Homework: SSSS Email or Form by Wednesday at 6:30pm
Big Idea: Structure
Essential Question: How can I plan to meet my goals?
Objectives: I can...
...finalize my graduation plan..
...reflect on events in my college career so far.
...predict my college future.
...plan to meet my goals
Monday, 23 March
**Tomorrow will be DEAR Day!**

1) Warm Up: Content Connections
  1. If you got to design a class at LEC or CCCC, what would it be? Why?
2) Registration Central! WOOT!
  1. Finalize YOUR 5 year plan here. Rename it "Name - Graduation Plan".
  2. Add classes you have already taken.
  3. List the classes you are registered for for next year.
    1. The next math class
    2. Spanish 111 (fall)/Spanish 112 (spring)
    3. English 111 (fall)/English 112 (spring)
    4. History 131 (fall)/History 132 (spring)
    5. Health Sciences/AS students: Bio 111 (fall)/Bio 112 (spring)
  4. Pick electives that make sense from here.  (Not sure where these fit? Post these on the THIRD sheet of the 5 year plan doc!)
Thursday, 26 March
Personal Growth Day
1)  List your tasks in your PGP and get working!

  1. Finalize your graduation plan and share it with me.
  2. Look at how your AA/AS courses will transfer to the four year college of your choice.
  3. Then, choose one section or day of material to review:
    1. Highlight key terms.
    2. Write HOT questions.
    3. Write summaries.
    4. Make concept maps that connect information.
    5. Create cheat sheet book marks for important pages.
    6. Make a youtube playlist.
2) Rank your success!

Resource for How Courses Transfer and Major Worksheets:
  1. Resources: Major Worksheets:
  2. Resources: Course Transfer Info

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