Monday, March 30, 2015

How can reflecting on my college experience so far improve my future experience? Week of 31 March -2 April

Happy April Fools' Day Advisory Fellows!
Homework: Finish your graph and reflection by Friday.
Big Idea: Change
Essential Question: How can reflecting on my college experience so far improve my future experience?
Objectives: I can...
...categorize events in my college experience.
...evaluate the impact of these events.
...determine which habits of mind I need to cultivate.
Tuesday, 31 March 

1) Warm Up: Positivity Moment
  1. Add a colorful picture to the board.
  2. Bring something in from home that will make our board actually nicer :).
2) Positive-Negative Chart and Reflection
  1. List positive and negative events that have occurred since you've started your LEC/CCCC career.
  2. Then, graph these.
  3. Reflect:
    1. Choose two obstacles you faced. Star these.
    2. How did you overcome these obstacles? Answer as a caption.
    3. What skills or resources did you take away? Answer as a caption.
  4. Predict:
    1. Where will you go in the future with your LEC/CCCC experience? Mark this and describe what your goal is with your LEC/CCCC career.
    2. How will you get there? Add three labeled steps along the way.
  5. Turn this in!
Wednesday, 2 April

1) Warm Up: Content Connections:
  1. Sophomore means "wise fool". Share a way you've been a wise fool this year. 
  2. Post it! What is one piece of advice you'd give rising sophomores?
2) Habits of Mind Auction!
  1. In high school and college, you learn a lot of facts and concepts. You also learn how to do things and processes. However, soft skills, like habits that help you be successful are just as, if not more, important. Today, we will list these and auction them off. Which is most valuable to you? Fight for it with your paper clips you bid! Then, justify your choice!
  2. Here are some habits of mind and soft skills you need to be successful: (Are any missing?)
    1. Productive Frustration/Grit/Perseverance/Stick-to-it-ive-ness
    2. Respect
    3. Positive Attitude
    4. Integrity
    5. Communication
    6. Humility
    7. Sense of Humor
    8. Metacognition
    9. Compassion
    10. Curiosity
    11. Quality/Craftsmanship
    12. Decisive
    13. Passion
    14. Empathy
    15. Creativity
  3. List your top 5 Habits of Mind that you use or need to use.
  4. Let the bidding begin!
  5. Reflect in an email to me:
    1. Subject: Name - Habits of Mind Auction
    2. Body:
      1. Dear Ms. Nickel,
        1. The Habit of Mind I bid for and won was ____.
        2. This habit is the most important because...
        3. I used this habit of mind when I...
        4. This habit will help me be successful in LEC/CCCC and when I transfer to a four year school because/by...
        5. If I only had this habit of mind to use, I would/would not be successful because...
        6. Anything else you want to add.
      2. Thanks for reading!
      3. Your name
Thursday, 26 March
1)  List your tasks in your PGP and get working!
  1. What topic do you want to review next week with people in the same class? List that in your PGP.
  2. What study tool will you bring with you to help you review? List that in your PGP and make it! I'll check these next Tuesday.
    1. Revised Notes:
      1. Highlight key terms.
      2. Write HOT questions.
      3. Write summaries.
    2. Condensed and color coded notes.
    3. Make concept maps that connect information.
    4. Create cheat sheet book marks for important pages.
    5. Make a youtube playlist.

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