Monday, April 6, 2015

What college characteristics and resources create my best fit school? Week of 6 April -10 April

Welcome back from Spring Break II Advisory Fellows!
Homework: Finish your College Profile by Friday. Bring in snacks for Study Group day on Thursday!
Big Idea: Change
Essential Question: What college characteristics and resources create my best fit school?
Objectives: I can...
...navigate a college website.
...create a detailed profile characterizing a college.
...evaluate who the college is a great/not so great fit for.
Tuesday, 7 April

1) Warm Up: Positivity Moment
  1. Add a colorful picture to the board.
2) College Profile Directory
  1. Your Task: Fill out the College Profile here by Friday.
  2. Your Purpose: 
    1. Navigate a college website.
    2. Tell others if they should/should not choose this university.
    3. Decide if this university is still the best fit for you.
    4. Contribute to a resource.
  3. Your Audience: All current and future LEC students will have access to the College Profile Directories to help them choose their college!
Wednesday, 8 April

1) Warm Up: Content Connections:
  1. Do you study the same way in every class? Study differently? In groups? By yourself? What resources do you use?
  2. Share out to the class to steal ideas!
2) Keep Working on your College Profile Directory Page.
  1. Add a colorful border. Consider:
    1. School colors
    2. Names of famous alumni
    3. Pretty places on campus
    4. Student quotes from that college
  2. Done? Turn it in! Not done? Finish by Friday!
3) (Subject to change...)Know where to go tomorrow!
    1. Ms. Cheatham: Math 
    2. Ms. Nickel: Sciences (Biology, Geology, Physical Science, anything!)
    3. Ms. Sawyer: Spanish and College Course help
    4. Ms. Cunkelman: Civic and Economics, HIS, PSY, SOC, HUM courses 
    5. Ms. Jones: English Help
Thursday, 26 March
Personal Growth Day

1)  List what you need to accomplish with your study group. What topic do you need help with? Are you studying for a quiz/test? Are you working on a project?

2) Study hard!

3) Summarize what you reviewed and rank your success!

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