Monday, May 4, 2015

What tools and habits will help you succeed? Weeks 5-8, 11-15 May

Happy Ten Day Review and Exam Weeks Advisees!
Homework: None! Make sure you are up-to-date in ALL classes!
Big Idea: Relationships
Essential Question: What tools and habits will help you succeed?
Objectives: I can...
...create a study plan.
...identify when and how to get support in college.
...write a letter to my future self.
...evaluate my success in meeting personal goals.
Tuesday, 5 May

1) Positivity Moment: Share a highlight from this semester.

2) Advisory Exam Cover and Calendar
  1. Overview of exam: Each day during 10 day review you will add to your exam booklet. This will be returned to you in the first week of ACT Prep.
  2. Today:
    1. The Cover:
      1. Come up with a title for your booklet.
      2. Draw yourself with at least five things around it showing how you will be successful.
    2. On the inside cover:
      1. Fill out the college crystal ball and tracking information.
    3. On the calendar:
      1. Set a small, specific goal for every day during 10 day review.
3) Time for You! Work on meeting today's goal!

Wednesday, 6 May

1) Content Connections: What classes do you need help studying in?

2) Best Study Tips
  1. Look at the first graph. Identify how teachers and students review material.
  2. Choose a concept that totally confused you this semester. List how you've revisited that concept so far.
  3. Then, look at best study tips. List your favorites in your exam book.
  4. Decide how you would review that tough concept again as your "Fourth Reminder". 
  5. Try it out!
Thursday, 7 May
Personal Growth Day
  1. Fill in the "End of the Semester Analysis". Complete anything else that is missing or highlighted in pink in your PGP form. (5 min)
  2. Reflect on your Personal Growth this semester.
    1. Artsy? Draw a flower. Label the petals with your biggest accomplishments this semester. Add buds that show how you still have to grow. Add thorns to show things in your way.
    2. Love public speaking or debates? Write an opening for a debate convincing me you grew A LOT this semester and are totally ready for college.
    3. Like comics? Turn your growth this semester into a superhero comic strip. What villains did you fight? How did you win?
    4. Like poetry? Tell me about how you grew as a student this semester in rhyme or free verse.
    5. Like to journal? Just write! Think about your biggest struggles and triumphs this semester. Think about what advice you'd give yourself if you could do this semester over.
    6. Like psychology? Chart your emotions over the course of the semester (put why). You can even make up your own "disorders" ("was-late-to-school-and-don't-want-to-make-up-time-itis")
    7. Want to get this done? Write it as lists. What worked this semester? Didn't work? What will you do differently? What questions are you still trying to figure out?
  3. Done Early? Study on Advisees!

Friday, 8 May

Tuesday, 12 April

1) Warm Up: Postivity Moment: What are you looking forward to this semester?

2) AHHH! My Brain Stopped Working! Fishbowl
  1. Brainstorm questions you can ask yourself and things you should do in your head if you get stuck on a test question.
  2. Given random test questions, act out going through the questions on the board. Everyone gets twenty seconds. The person who fits in the most relevant questions wins a food item!
  3. In your exam booklet, list what you can do during exams to keep your brain clear and focused.
    1. What do you do as soon as you get scrap paper or a formula sheet?
    2. What do you ask yourself if you are totally lost?
    3. How can you figure out what's got you stuck and move on?
3) Time for You! Keep studying!

Wednesday, 13 May

1) Content Connections: What class are you most excited about taking next semester? Worried about?
2) Your Support Network:
  1. In your exam booklet:
    1. List warning signs that you need to get help with a class. (Missed a test? Been sick and are now confused? Can't figure out BlackBoard? Don't understand a paper prompt?)
    2. Then, list people who can help you at CCCC or LEC and at least one way to contact that person.
3) Graduation Letter
  1. Write a letter to yourself that you will receive on graduation. No rules. It can be advice, silly questions, things to remember. I will not read these.
  2. Put your letter in an envelope and label it: "To ______ on Graduation Day!".
  3. Don't seal your letter. I'll add something to it :).
4) Time for You! Study on!

Thursday, 14 May

1) Warm Up: Evaluate our Advisory Program and make suggestions!

2) Your Mission Statement:
  1. Read your freshmen year mission statement by the door.
  2. Then, write and decorate your new and improved mission statement on the back of your exam.
  3. Turn your exam in.
3) Exam Finishing Touches

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