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How does my definition of success relate to others' definitions? Week 4-6: 25 August-8 September

Happy Week 4-6 of Advisory!
Homework: Sign up for a Parent/Guardian-Student-Teacher Conference ASAP! Easiest place to do this is here. Please help your parents use the doc!
Big Idea: Relationships provide support
Essential Question:
Objectives: I can... educational goals.
...identify my support network.
...define and visualize success.
...present findings from interviews.
Tuesday, 25 August

1) Positivity Moment: Write the best thing in the past week on a sticky note, post it!

2) Gallery Walk
  1. Round 1: Add what you think success looks like...
    1. For 9th graders at LEC (check handbook)
    2. According to the LEC Mission Statement and District Transfer Goals
    3. To you
    4. To your friends
    5. According to the media
    6. To your family
  2. Round 2: Favorite and Comment
    1. Check or star ideas you agree with.
    2. Add comments where you have questions.
  3. Discuss!

Wednesday, 26 August

1) Project Introduction:

  1. Read the assignment above.
  2. Ask any questions.
2) Set goals! Complete your short, medium, and long term goals.

3) Email Update!
  1. Subject: "Name - Email Update"
  2. Body:
    1. Dear Ms. Nickel,
      1. My favorite thing at LEC has been...
      2. I'm struggling with...
      3. I showed strength with...
    2. Sincerely,
      1. Your name
Thursday, 27 August

1) Warm Up: Content Connections Stand, Share, Sit: Share a class highlight as fast as possible!

2) Prepare to Interview:

  1. Add three more questions to your interview sheet that you'd like to ask someone else.
  2. Interview a classmate and then be interviewed. Your partner will type your answers in your document. 
  3. Choose a family member or friend to interview.
  4. Interview this person before next Tuesday. 
Tuesday, 1 September
Interview Revisions

1) Warm Up: Creating Positive Experiences

  1. Suggest one change we could make at LEC to make your experience more positive. *DO NOT* put lunch!!!
  2. Sort these on the board. 
2) Interview Revisions
  1. Read through your interview notes.
  2. Make sure all answers are in complete sentences and are coherent.
  3. Highlight the comments you find most exciting or inspiring in one color. Highlight comments you found surprising in another color. 
Wednesday, 2 September
Create your Poster

1) Warm Up: Content Connections: What is one skill you learned in one class that you learned in another (example: annotate your math notes)?

2) Your Interview Poster
  1. Use the template to create your poster.
  2. Be sure to review the rubric so you can earn the grade you want. 

Thursday, 3 September
Finish your Poster

1) Warm Up: Email Update
  1. Send me an email with a highlight from this week and a question you have for any class. 
  2. Include a subject, salutation (Dear...), and closing.
  3. Use complete sentences. 
2) Finish your poster!
Tuesday, 8 September

1) Present Interview Findings

  1. Take 5 minutes to put final touches on your interview poster.
  2. Present!
    1. Use a Loud, Proud, College Student Voice.
    2. Define success. 
    3. Name a similarity to and a difference from the person you interviewed and your ideas on success.
    4. Presentations should be about 30 seconds. 
Wednesday, 9 September
Success Cheat Sheets and Skits

1) Seven for You: 
  1. Write a SMART goal for this semester in your Advisory Guide. 
  2. Work on your Visualizing Success Poster. 
2) Success Cheat Sheets and Skits
(Locations: Classroom, Student Center, at home, with friends)
  1. Use your given topic to create a T-chart showing...
    1. How to act to be successful in your setting (ex: eating food in the classroom)
    2. How to act to be unsuccessful in your setting (ex: picking your nose at the lunch table)
    3. T-Charts should be neatly written in marker on computer paper. 
  2. Create one minute skits showing a "How to Act" and "How not to Act" scenarios.
Thursday, 10 September
Success Cheat Sheet and Skits Presentation

1) Skit Presentations and Debrief
  1. Take 5 minutes to put final touches on skits and T-Chart.
  2. Present your skits to the class.
  3. Post your poster.
  4. Note areas that conflict.
  5. Respond in your reflection section of your Advisory Guide: What do successful LEC students do? How should we approach conflicting sets of "rules"?

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