Sunday, September 20, 2015

How can I communicate professionally? Week 8: 22-24 September

Happy Week 8 of Advisory!
Big Idea: Structures lead to success
Essential Question: How can I communicate professionally?
Objectives: I can... the parts of a professional email.
...identify what to do and what not to do in an email.
...send a professional email.
...practice following directions.
Tuesday, 22 September

1) Positivity Moment: Write the best thing in the past week on a sticky note, post it!

2) Professional Emails:
  1. Before you watch:
    1. Set up a T-chart. 
    2. Label the top "What to do in a professional email" and "What not to do in a professional email".
  2. As you watch the video below, fill in your T-chart.
  3. After you watch the video:
    1. Read your assigned scenario.
    2. Type your email.
    3. Have a neighbor read your email and give you feedback.
    4. Send your email.
Scenario 1
You’ve woken up feeling terrible.  Send an email to your professors and teachers letting them know you are ill and can’t attend class.
Scenario 2
You just checked your grades and noticed that your teacher put your grade in as missing when you turned it in.  Send an email to your teacher letting them know and requesting a change.
Scenario 3
You’re doing your homework and realize you don’t understand the directions and can’t answer the questions.  Send an email to your teacher requesting help with your assignment.
Scenario 4
You checked your grades and found that you failed an assignment you were sure you would pass.  Send an email to your teacher about your grade.
Wednesday, 23 September
1) Quiz Time!

  1. Get a quiz.
  2. Complete the quiz silently, unless the quiz says otherwise.
  3. Finished? Visit the link here or here.
2) Simon Says
Thursday, 24 September

1) Warm Up: Content Connections Stand, Share, Sit: Which activity from any class this week had the hardest directions to follow? What made it hard?

2) Read and Respond
  1. Think back: How well did you follow the directions for sending a professional email? Predict revisions you may need to make.
  2. Check your email.
  3. Read the feedback on your professional email.
  4. Send a response with your revisions.

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