Sunday, September 27, 2015

How can understanding career clusters and pathways help me make decisions? Week 9: 29 September - 1 October

Happy Week 9 of Advisory!
Table Fastest Growing OccupationsHomework: IMPACT AID SURVEY ASAP PLEASE :)
Big Idea: Systems
Essential Question: How can understanding career clusters and pathways help me make decisions?
Objectives: I can...
...describe the skills needed in a career.
...identify how skills overlap.
...explain what general education means.
...match careers into clusters.
...sort careers into pathways.
Tuesday, 29 September

1) Positivity Moment: Write the best thing in the past week on a sticky note, post it!

2) Skills needed in Careers

  1. Get a career card.
  2. Go to CFNC and log in. 
  3. Go to “Plan” > “For a Career” > “Explore Careers”. 
  4. Look below the list of Career Clusters. You will see a “Search Careers” box - search for your career there.
  5. Then, use the directions on your worksheet to fill in the table for Day 1.
Health information technology skills you need to succeed.Wednesday, 30 September
1) Warm Up: Your To Do List
  1. List any missing work or revisions you need to make by next Wednesday to improve your report card grades.
  2. If you need help figuring out when to do each task, give me your list!
2) Common Skills across Careers
  1. Get into your LETTER (A-D) group.
  2. Grab two different colored pencils. 
  3. Share the skills required in your career with your group members. Underline the skills you hear repeated. Use a different color for each career.
  4. Review the definitions for “Comprehensive Articulation Agreement” and “General Education Core” on CCCC’s site
  5. Relate the definitions to what you noticed about skills across careers.
Thursday, 1 October

1) Warm Up: Content Connections Stand, Share, Sit: In which class this week did you do the most things that fit well with your learning style?

2) Career Clusters and Pathways
  1. Get into your SYMBOL (% or $ or *) group.
  2. Determine the name of the career cluster you have. Use CFNC if needed.
  3. Identify the career pathway pairs. 
  4. List your cluster and pathway pairs on the board.
  5. Complete the reflection.
  6. Turn your sheet in to the Advisory (A) drawer. 

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