Sunday, October 25, 2015

How can communication with professionals help me reach my goals? Week 13: 26-30 October

Happy Week 13 of Advisory!
Homework: Make sure all Advisory work is complete. 
Big Idea: Systems
Essential Question: How can communication with professionals help me reach my goals?
Objectives: I can...
...write a professional email.
...describe my positivity this semester. 
...plan a professional communication. 

Monday, 26 October
This week we will review sending professional emails and then email the professional whose contact information you found in AVID.

1) Warm Up: What do you remember about formatting a professional email?

2) Professional Communication
  1. Refer to your Career Cluster notes or presentation.
  2. Choose 2-3 of your favorite questions.
  3. Draft an email to your professional contact.
  4. Send this email to me ( I will proofread it and make suggestions by Wednesday. 
Email Template Cheat Sheet: 
Subject: Lee Early College Freshmen Career Questions

Dear ______________,

I am a freshman at Lee Early College in Sanford, NC. I am in a college preparation program (AVID) and we recently researched our first choice Career Clusters. I have a few questions about your work. I would appreciate it if you can take the time to answer these questions:
Thank you!


Tuesday, 20 October
Wednesday,  October

1) Warm Up: Positivity Tracking
  1. Turn to the progress tracking part of your Advisory Guide. 
  2. Track your postivity level today. 
  3. Write a note in the margin explaining the trend in your positivity so far this semester. 
2)  Professional Communication Continued
  1. Check your email and read my suggestions for your email.
  2. Revise your email to a professional in your Career Cluster.
  3. Send your email and bcc me!
Thursday, 29 October
1) Warm Up: Organizational Moment

  1. Check and respond to emails. Do not be surprised if it takes a week for your professional to respond. If it takes longer than that, you might not get a response :(.
  2. Sign up for the Freshmen Class Remind using text or email or both. Please share this with your parents!

2) Professional Communication: Speak Like a Pro
  1. Read the article linked above.
  2. Pretend you get to talk to your professional contact. Your professional contact asks you why you chose your first choice Career Cluster.
    1. Use one strategy from the article.
    2. Write what you would say to your contact.
    3. Try starting with an exciting bang OR telling a story from your life that shows how you began to make that choice. 

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