Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How is my work now helping me get to where I want to go? Week 11: 14-15 October

Happy Week 11 of Advisory!
Homework: Happy Quarter 2!
Big Idea: Systems
Essential Question: How is my work now helping me get to where I want to go?
Objectives: I can...
...track my success so far.
...set two SMART goals for Quarter 2.
Wednesday, 14 October

1) Positivity Moment: Stand-Share-Sit to tell us about the best part of your Fall Break!

2) Tracking my Progress
  1. Use your latest progress reports or PowerSchool to track your current grades.
  2. Also track your postivity, college career readiness, and time management.
  3. Find the average GPA accepted at your current first choice college. Draw this as a line on your GPA graph.
  4. Then, use the GPA calculating worksheets to help you determine your GPA.

Thursday, 15 October

1) Warm Up: Is it SMART?
  1. Work with your partner to determine if your sample goal is SMART.
  2. Post your goal on the board and check off which parts of the SMART the goal meets.
  3. Share your goal with the class and tell us what you would change to make it SMART.
2) Your turn to start SMART!
  1. Find the SMART goal section of your Advisory Guide.
  2. Write two SMART goals.
    1. One must refer to some aspect of your progress that you tracked yesterday.
    2. Your second must refer to a college or career goal. What will you learn about the college or careers you are interested in by December? How?
3) Finish Progress Tracking
SMART goals are everywhere, especially in businesses!

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