Sunday, November 8, 2015

How are Career Clusters broken into Pathways to enable easier decision making? Week 15 Plans: 10-12 November

Happy Week 15 of Advisory!

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  • Consider donating non-perishable foods during the next two weeks. The winning Advisory will be rewarded.

Big Idea: Systems
Essential Question: How are Career Clusters broken into Pathways to enable easier decision making?
Objectives: I can...
...track my progress. artwork to display Career Clusters.
...identify Career Pathways.

Tuesday, 10 November

1) Warm Up: Progress and Success Tracking

  1. Take out your Advisory Guide.
  2. Track your benchmark or progress report grades, positivity, procrastination vs study time, and college and career readiness. 

2) Career Cluster Trees
  1. Artists: Keep drawing and adding color.
  2. Problem Solvers and Researchers:
    1. Go to
    2. Select "Plan" > "For a Career" > "Explore Careers".
    3. Then, select your cluster from the list.
    4. Locate the box that says "Pathways in this Cluster".
    5. Choose 3 pathways.
      1. Write the pathway name in purple on an index card.
      2. Click on the pathway. 
      3. Add the name of three careers within that pathway branching off of the pathway name. 
      4. These will be added to the branches of your tree!               
Thursday, 12 November
Tree Creating: Finish your trees!

1) Warm Up: Positivity Moment

2) Career Cluster Trees:
  1. Artists: Finish adding color. Use fancy letters to add the name of your Career Cluster to the tree trunk. 
  2. Problem Solvers and Researchers:
    1. Researchers: Add your skills and values to roots. Add the Career Pathways as new mini branches to the tree. 
    2. Problem Solvers: Add the problems, headlines, and businesses to the branches.            

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