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How can a successful first semester help me meet my college and career goals? Week 18-19: 1-10 December

Happy Week 18-19 of Advisory!
Big Idea: Systems
Essential Question: How can a successful first semester help me meet my college and career goals?
Objectives: I can...
...identify skills I need to use during exams.
...list tips for taking exams without going crazy.
...set and meet goals.
...evaluate Advisory so far.

Tuesday, 1 December

1) Positivity Moment: What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving Break?

2) Top 10 Skills for High School Students

  1. Number a piece of paper from 1-10.
  2. Read the tips posted above.
  3. Rank yourself for each of the 10 skills (1 = I'm gonna be honest, I'm terrible at this! 4 = I could teach my classmates to do this!).
  4. Then, choose one skill that will be critical for you to use as we get closer to exams. Write an "I am" sticky note or bookmark referring to this skill. 
    1. Example: I am an effective studier!
    2. Non-example: I guess I'll study. sometimes...
  5. Put this where you can see it!
3) Choose a class to study for or to revise work for and do it!


Wednesday, 2 December

1) Content Connections: What is something interesting you've done in another class to review for any benchmark or test?

2) Create an Exam Survival Poster

  1. Do a Google Images search for "how to survive exams" (or something similar).
  2. Find your favorite positive (and actually HELPFUL) tip.
  3. Draw a stick person using this tip (see the image to the right for ideas).
  4. Add this to the class poster.
  5. Post a sticky note next to your tip.
  6. Add a star on the sticky note if you use this tip OR think using it would help you.
  7. Each time you do any of the tips listed on the class poster during 10 day review, add a tally.
  8. If we reach 45 tallys by the Dec 9, I will bring in cookies.
3) Plan for Tomorrow: Tomorrow we will have a SMART study hall during Advisory. Set your SMART goal for tomorrow now! Give this to me. 
Thursday, 3 December

1) Share your Skills: What do you do to make reviewing for exams interesting? 

2) SMART Study Hall
  1. Make sure your SMART goal is actually SMART.
  2. Get to work!
  3. Add an emoji showing your level of success at meeting your goal.
Tuesday, 8 December

1) Positivity Moment: Share an aha! moment you've had as you reviewed material.

2) Careers + Exams Reflection
    NCLEX Hints
  1. Turn to the reflection part of your Advisory Guide.
  2. List any required exams in your Advisory Guide using the format, "To be a _____, I will have to pass the _______." (If you don't need to pass anything special, skip this part!)
  3. Respond to the following:
    1. What skills have you practiced this semester that will help you pass your exams this semester and future exams?
    2. What skills do you need to work on to be successful at passing exams?
3) Set a SMART goal and study!
Wednesday, 9 December

1) Complete the Fall Advisory Evaluation below.

2) Set a SMART goal and work!

Thursday, 10 December

1) Positivity Moment: What are you looking forward to about winter break?

2) 10 Minute Philosophical Chairs: To Cram or Not to Cram
  1. Prepare: Skim the debatewise information here.
  2. Contribute: Your friend, who has been studying a lot, is freaking out about his exam tomorrow. What would you tell him to do? Cram or not cram?
    1. Stand to show your point-of-view.
    2. Remember, one person talks at a time, alternating sides.
    3. Always recap what the person before you said, then add on.
    4. Move if your opinion changes. 
  3. Debrief: Will you cram? What will you do instead?

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