Sunday, November 1, 2015

What do I need to know to make the best Career Cluster choice for me? Week 14: 3-5 November

Happy Week 14 of Advisory!
Homework: Remind your parents to come to Parent Night on Thursday!!
Parents and Students: Sign up for the Freshmen Class Remind using text or email or both. Please share this with your parents!
Big Idea: Systems
Essential Question: What do I need to know to make the best Career Cluster choice for me?
Objectives: I can... professional communication.
...match values and skills to Career Clusters. artwork to display Career Clusters.

Tuesday, 3 November
This week we will be creating Career Cluster trees. In the next few weeks, the sophomores will add on detailed "leaves". We will do a gallery walk to learn about all clusters. Finally, we will end this project by adding our names on apples to the trees of our choice.

1) Warm Up: Check your email for responses from your professional contact!

2) Sketching and Research:

  1. Break into groups: STEM and Finance
  2. Choose two artists, two researchers, and two problem solvers.
    1. Artists, sketch your tree. 
    2. Researchers, find at least 10 skills and values that are needed in this Career Cluster.
    3. Problem Solvers, list at least 7 current problems that someone in your field would try to solve.
Wednesday, 4 November

1) Warm Up: Advisory Guide Moment

  1. Skim through your Advisory Guide and add on to any missing parts.
  2. Make sure you have calculated your first quarter GPA and you have SMART goals set.

2)  Tree Designing
  1. Break into groups.
  2. Choose two artists, two researchers, and two problem solvers.
    1. Artists, draw your tree on poster paper.
    2. Researchers, write four example problems that someone in your Career Cluster could solve.
    3. Problem Solvers, find at least two headlines naming problems and two companies that would solve problems related to this Career Cluster. 
Thursday, 5 November
Tree Creating: Finish your trees!

  1. Artists: Keep drawing and adding color.
  2. Problem Solvers and Researchers:
    1. Go to
    2. Select "Plan" > "For a Career" > "Explore Careers".
    3. Then, select your cluster from the list.
    4. Locate the box that says "Pathways in this Cluster".
    5. Choose 3 pathways.
      1. Write the pathway name in purple on an index card.
      2. Click on the pathway. 
      3. Add the name of three careers within that pathway branching off of the pathway name. 
      4. These will be added to the branches of your tree!


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