Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future? Week of 6-7 January

Happy Week 20 of Advisory!
Homework: Parents and Students: 
Big Idea: Systems have related parts
Essential Question: What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future?
Objectives: I can...
...create parts of a graph.
...track my progress.
...set goals.
...relate current events to Career Clusters I am interested in.

Wednesday, 6 December

1) Positivity Moment: Your Break in 5 Words!

  1. On your sticky note, write down 5 words that describe or share what you did over break.
  2. Share using Stand-Share-Sit.
  3. Post your sticky note.

2) Set Up for Success!
  1. Advisory Newsletter
    1. Read the Advisory Newsletter.
    2. Add it to your TOC and make yourself a reminder to review it with your parents. 
  2. Progress Tracking
    1. Flip to the Success Tracking part of your Advisory Guide.
    2. Add five final points (one per class) and connect the lines for each class to show your progress during first semester.
    3. Set up this semester's graph!
      1. Finish the title by adding "2" to the line.
      2. Label your y-axis (0-100).
      3. Create your key by adding 5 dots of different colors, one for each class you are taking.
  3. January SMART Goal
    1. Flip to the SMART goal pages in your Advisory Guide.
    2. Set a SMART goal for January by filling in each section of the SMART goal sheet.


Thursday, 7 January

1) Content Connections: Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up and share your answer to one of the following: What class are you most worried about? Why? Most excited about? Why?

2) Career Cluster Current Events
For the next two weeks we will explore Career Clusters by looking at current events and values assessments. 
  1. Before you read: 
  2. Oil prices have dropped despite tension between key producers Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    How do gas prices relate to business, engineering,
    earth science, math, politics, and law and safety?
    Article here
    1. Read through the Current Events in Career Clusters sheet.
    2. Find a current event related to the Career Cluster you are currently interested in. Here are resources to start with: 
      1. Go to npr.org > "Topics" (top tool bar). Choose a topic related to your Career Cluster.
      2. Interested in a science, human services, or politics related career? Try National Geographic News.
      3. Go to bbc.com > Menu > More. Choose a topic related to your Career Cluster.
      4. Interested in STEM? Try ScienceNews for Students or Popular Science.
      5. Interested in business or finance? Try CNNMoney.
  3. While you read: Fill in the note sheet.
  4. After you read: Write two HOT questions. On Tuesday we will discuss our articles. 
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plays with children as he inspects a day care center in Yokohama in 2013. More than 20,000 Japanese children are on wait lists for day care.
How does access to day care relate to economy,
educationand training, human services, and health sciences?
Article here

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