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What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future? Week of 12-14 January

Happy Week 21 of Advisory!
Advisory @ LEC: Helping students avoid this situation...
Homework: Current Events in Career Clusters and Career Quiz Comparisons sheets are due before DEAR on Friday.
Big Idea: Systems have related parts
Essential Question: What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future?
Objectives: I can...
...relate current events to Career Clusters I am interested in.
...identify how my skills and interests related to careers.
...match my work values to careers. career quiz data.
...evaluate myself as a match for my chosen Career Cluster.

Tuesday, 12 January

1Career Cluster Current Events
  1. Finish filling in your note sheet using the resources below:
  2. Oil prices have dropped despite tension between key producers Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    How do gas prices relate to business, engineering,
    earth science, math, politics, and law and safety?
    Article here
    1. Here are resources to start with: 
      1. Go to > "Topics" (top tool bar). Choose a topic related to your Career Cluster.
      2. Interested in a science, human services, or politics related career? Try National Geographic News.
      3. Go to > Menu > More. Choose a topic related to your Career Cluster.
      4. Interested in STEM? Try ScienceNews for Students or Popular Science.
      5. Interested in business or finance? Try CNNMoney.
  3. After you read: 
    1. Write two HOT questions. 
    2. Learn about other events using Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up.
    3. Return to your seat and write your summary.
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plays with children as he inspects a day care center in Yokohama in 2013. More than 20,000 Japanese children are on wait lists for day care.
How does access to day care relate to economy,
educationand training, human services, and health sciences?
Article here


Wednesday, 12 January

1) Positivity Moment: What is your favorite memory of the semester so far?

2) Complete the Work Values Sorter quiz.


Thursday, 14 January

1) Content Connects:
  1. Find a partner. 
  2. Describe to him or her the most difficult thing you've been assigned this semester.
  3. Tell him or her how you succeeded on this task.
2) Complete the Career Key Quiz and then write your reflection.

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