Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future? Week 23: 27-28 January

Happy Week 23 of Advisory!
Homework: Ask your parents how they chose their careers.
We survived the snow!
Big Idea: Systems have related parts
Essential Question: What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future?
Objectives: I can...
...match Career Clusters with courses I can take.
...send professional emails.
...begin graduation planning.

Wednesday, 27 January

1) Warm Up: Best Snowcation Moments

  1. Sketch or write about your favorite snowcation memory. 
  2. Ball up your paper and throw it in the middle of the room. 
  3. Pick up a new paper and see if you can guess whose paper you have.
2) Matching Career Clusters with Classes
Most students will get to choose 3-4 courses that fall under "Other Required Hours". These can be extra courses from the front of a track sheet, extra general education hours, or classes listed as "Other Required Hours". These courses let you go more in depth in the Career Cluster you have chosen OR they let you explore an array of courses and then narrow down your Career Cluster choices. Today you will make some initial choices about what classes you will choose for this section. You will practice sending professional emails by emailing me a list and justification of the courses you have selected.
  1. Decide if you think you are going to work toward your AA or AS. Generally, if you are undecided do an AA.
  2. Open the correct tracking document below:
    1. AA
    2. AS (See extra classes here.)
  3. Skim through the listed courses. These are just course titles, but some may already sound interesting. If you want to know more, here's the course catalog with more details.
  4. Choose 4 classes that either relate to your chosen Career Cluster OR that will help you choose a Career Cluster.
  5. Email me your choices!
    1. Subject: Last Name_Advisory_Course Selection
    2. Salutation: Dear Ms. Nickel,
    3. Body: Tell me which courses you have chosen and why. Use complete sentences.
    4. Closing: 
      1. Ask me if these courses make sense or if I'd recommend something different. 
      2. Thank me for my time. 
      3. End the email "Sincerely", enter twice, and put your first and last name.


Thursday, 21 January

1) Class Connections: What class is the hardest for your to relate to your Career Cluster? What skills will you still take from that course?

2) Graduation Planning 101
  1. Fill in the basic information on your graduation plan.
    1. Name
    2. Career Cluster (as of now - Undecided is okay. You can also list two if you've narrowed it down to two!)
    3. Two preliminary college choices
  2. List the following:
    1. Class you took in middle school
    2. Classes you took last semester and your final grades (check PowerSchool)
    3. Classes you are in now
  3. On your sticky note, write any questions you have about graduation planning. Place this on your Graduation Plan.
  4. Put your graduation plan in the front pocket of your Advisory Guide.

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