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What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future? Week 24: 2-4 February

Happy Week 24 of Advisory!
Homework: Talk to your family about opportunities at LEC and in Lee County. See if you can do anything interesting this summer!
Big Idea: Systems have related parts
Essential Question: What should I consider when I begin planning my college and career future?
Objectives: I can...
...revise initial graduation planning.
...welcome future students to LEC.
...analyze my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Tuesday, 2 February 

1) Warm Up: Positive Moment
  1. What is the best lunch you have eaten at LEC?
  2. Draw it on your sticky note.
  3. Post it!
2) Review your Graduation Plan Progress
  1. Fill in the basic information on your graduation plan.
    1. Name
    2. Career Cluster (as of now - Undecided is okay. You can also list two if you've narrowed it down to two!)
    3. Two preliminary college choices
  2. Revise the following:
    1. If you put your current grades in for semester 2, erase them. You can only record final grades on this form.
    2. If I wrote a question your sheet, discuss it with me and fix your plan.
  3. On your sticky note, write any questions you have about graduation planning. Place this on your Graduation Plan.
  4. Put your graduation plan in the front pocket of your Advisory Guide.
3) Tomorrow is BUDDY DAY!!!! Review the room you are supposed to go to here!

4) Done early? Set a SMART goal and work!

Wednesday, 3 February
**Buddy Day!**

1) Memory Moment Snowball Fight
  1. Write down the scariest, funniest, most interesting, happiest, etc memory from your interview night at LEC.
    1. Don't remember anything? Write down a question you would add to the list for interview night.
  2. Ball up your memory.
  3. Throw it.
  4. Pick up a new one and see if you can guess whose it is.
2) Prepare for Interview Night

  1. Create a poster that does one of the following:
    1. Welcomes students to LEC (We would love signs in different languages!)
    2. Encourages students
    3. Provides tips for being a successful interviewee
    4. Shows what LEC is like through quotes/moments/images 
  2. Make this poster neat and colorful.
  3. Keep these posters positive!
3) Chat with your buddy!
Consider talking about new classes, how exams went, clubs to try, and more!


Thursday, 4 February 

1) Class Connections: Put your current grades on your Success Tracker graph for semester 2.

2) Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat (SWOT) Analysis Preparation
  1. Find the SWOT chart in your Advisory Guide.
  2. Tab this page.
  3. Along the sides, list the purpose of a SWOT chart and some places where they are done using the site here.
  4. Go to the site here and find the questions that you can use to fill out each part of a SWOT chart. Look at the examples.
  5. List two questions that you should answer in each quadrant.
  6. Fill in your SWOT chart.
    1. Add at least 4 stick figure illustrations/doodles.
    2. So, what opportunities are there at LEC? In Lee County?
      1. Read about the Workforce Development program here. (Interested? Fill in the application!)
      2. Guest speakers!

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