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What characterizes a "Career Hero" in my career of choice? Week 27-28: 23 February-3 March

Happy Week 27-28 of Advisory!

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Big Idea: Structures provide support
Essential Question: What characterizes a "Career Hero" in my career of choice?
Objectives: I can...
...identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. a person who is important in my career of choice.
...characterize a person who is important in my career of choice.

Tuesday, 23 February 

1) Warm Up: SWOT Add On
  1. Add at least one more detail to each section of your SWOT chart.
  2. Draw at least two stick figure illustrations.
2) Success Tracking
  1. Turn to the Success Tracking section of your Advisory Folder.
  2. Add on your current grades on your Semester 2 graph.
  3. Connect your points so far.
3) Brain Break!
Wednesday, 24 February

1) Positivity Moment
  1. Name the class you are most excited about taking while at LEC/CCCC.
  2. Tell why!
  3. Post this!
2) Career Heroes Trading Card - Choosing my Hero
Over the next few days you will create a Career Hero Trading Card. The goal of this is to learn about the contributions made by someone important to your career cluster so you can decide if the type of work people in this cluster do fits with the work you are interested in.
  1. Choose a person who is important to your first choice career or career cluster.
  2. Name this person on your sticky note. 
  3. Tell why you choose this person. What criteria did you use to decide that this person is important in your career cluster?

Thursday, 25 February 

1) Class Connections: Share the most interesting thing you have recently read in any class.

2) Career Heroes Trading Card - Drawing my Hero
  1. Draw your hero on the front of you card by doing one of the following:
    1. Add a picture to the document here by 11:05. I will print this. Cut the face in half and sketch or collage the second half.
    2. Create a cartoon sketch of your hero. Include 3 tools your hero would need in his/her career.
    3. Draw a portrait of your person.
  2. On your sticky note, respond to the following: Does the hero you chose look at all like you? Does this matter to you? Why or why not?
Tuesday, 2 March

1) Warm Up: Positivity Moment
    Career Heroes Trading Cards
  1. Write or draw the funniest moment from class recently.
  2. Post this!
2)  Career Heroes Trading Card - Recognizing my Heroes Work
  1. On the front of your card, write your heroes date of birth and death (Still alive? YAY! Put a squiggly line like this ~.)
  2. On the back of your card,
    1. Write five biographical facts about your hero. Here are some options:
      1. Where the person is from
      2. What school the person went to
      3. Degrees the person has
      4. Information about the person's mother, father, siblings
      5. Important life events
    2. List three of your hero's career-related accomplishments.
Wednesday, 3 March

1) Warm Up: Class Connections
  1. Find someone who is in a different class from you who has used the same Big Idea in different classes.
  2. Discuss: Why are these Big Ideas important?
2) Career Heroes Trading Cards - Is your hero a great role model?
  1. Write a reflection on the back of your card: Is your hero a great role model for you? Why or why not? What will you do differently? Similarly?
  2. Connect the work you want to do to the work your hero did. How does the work your hero did make it so you can do the next step? (Example: My hero invented a microscope so I can look at small cells.)

Thursday, 4 March 

1) Warm Up: Take Five to Finish your Career Hero Trading Card.

2) Career Heroes Trading Card Game - YOU CHOOSE!
  1. Connect the heroes in class web.
  2. Play a matching game.
  3. Do hero speed friending.
3) Fill in the form below! Or go to the link here.

Need ideas on careers? Check this site out! Career Heroes

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