Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Am I meeting my goals? Week 31 Plans: Thursday, 31 March

Happy Week 31 of Advisory!

Homework: Look into Summer Opportunities:
-Check out the Hire Success program and apply (due date is tomorrow, April 1)
-Exploring the Earth Summer Camp
-Camp Neuro
Big Idea: Structures provide support
Essential Question: Am I meeting my goals?
Objectives: I can...
...share positive moments.
...track my progress so far.
...set goals for the end of the semester.

Thursday, 31 March

1) Positivity Moment: Spring Break Share Out

  1. Write a three sentence scene from your Spring Break.
  2. Include at least 4 sensory details that use 2 different senses.
    1. Example without sensory details: My mom came over. She gave me chocolate. My sister made brunch. 
    2. Example with sensory details: My mom rushed through the door (sight) and gave me a small box wrapped in shiny purple tissue paper that crinkled as I opened it (sight and sound). Inside were chocolate truffles, the outside crunched as I bit into one (sound). My sister cooked a Danish-inspired brunch, you could hear the fish sizzle in the pan before she arranged everything on plates with sprigs of green onion on top (sight and sound). 
  3. Share your scene using Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up.
2) Progress Tracking and Goal Setting
  1. Flip to the Progress Tracking section of your Advisory Guide.
    1. Put in your Quarter 3 grades.
    2. Rate yourself for College and Career Readiness, Time Spent Studying and Procrastinating, GPA, and Positivity.
  2. Flip back to the SMART goal section of your guide. Write a SMART goal for the remainder of the semester. Show me your work.
  3. Finally, time permitting, head outside.

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