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How can wellness support my success in school and in work? Week 28-30: 8-22 March

Happy Week 28-30 of Advisory!

-Summer Opportunities:
Big Idea: Structures provide support
Essential Question: How can wellness support my success in school and in work?
Objectives: I can...
...identify the different types of wellness.
...try different methods for being well.
...set wellness goals.
...describe wellness initiatives in a sample workplace.

Tuesday, 8 March
What is Wellness?

1) Depicting Wellness: 
  1. Define wellness.
  2. List the components of wellness. List what you do to stay “well” in each way.
  3. Rank each component of wellness from a 1-5, 5 being “I’m SOOOO well in this way, I could teach others!” and 1 being, “um...I haven’t thought about that in ages. I don’t know where to start.”
  4. Draw a wellness circle chart like the one below to show your relative wellness.

  1. Open the link above.
  2. Wait for the sheet to load.
  3. Select the tab for Wednesday, 9 March and find your name. Write down where you are going and what you are doing.
  4. Repeat this for each of the four days of stations.
  5. Ask questions!
Wednesday-Thursday, 9-10 March
Wellness Stations Day 1-2 

1) Running 101

  1. Before you run:
    1. Hydrate. Tomorrow's hydration begins today!
    2. Eat carbs.
    3. Stretch dynamically:
      1. Walking lunges
      2. Toy soldiers
      3. Leg swings
      4. Monster walks
    4. Dress right! Good socks prevent blisters. Shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles or 6 months. If your legs hurt, new shoes are often the way to go.
  2. While you run: 
    1. Try to land on slightly on your toes. I run with a heel strike, but this can lead to heel pain. 
    2. Think about moving your hands from your pockets to to your chin.
    3. Always run FACING traffic (on the left side of a road), and try to run on greenways and trails as these are less slanted which protects your joints.
    4. If you are running in a busy area, make sure you can hear cars over your music.
  3. After you run: Keep your head above your heart until your breathing and heart rate return to normal. Stretch statically.
Tuesday, 15 March
Wellness Stations Day 3

1) Yoga is…

...the combination of mind, breath, and body.

...a practice. Every day we are different and feel different and need different things. Yoga can match what we need.

...not a religious practice, but is spiritual for many people.

...about serving yourself so you can serve others.
...a tool for your toolbox. Yoga can help keep emotions balanced, can loosen tight or sore muscles, can strengthen your body, can prevent disease, and can help you be in the moment.

2) Today’s Practice:

  1. What is yoga?
  2. Warrior’s Breath
  3. Setting Intentions: “I am…” and Dedications
  4. Sun Salutations
  5. Breath of Joy
  6. Flow
  7. Relaxation and Visualization (petals)
  8. Reflection and Questions

Wednesday, 16 March
Wellness Stations Day 4
Combating Test Anxiety

1) Definitions: Stress vs Anxiety

2) Why do tests lead to anxiety?

3) How can we deal with stress proactively?

  1. Identify what ACTUALLY helps you study and don't study in ways that waste your time.
  2. Designate 5 minutes to worry and then move on.
  3. Eat and sleep well.
  4. Keep things in perspective. Studying for 2 hours and getting a 93 versus studying for 10 hours and getting a 100 has the same impact on your report card but a different impact on your well-being.
  5. Move.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Breathe.
  8. Do mind dumps as soon as you get an assessment.
  9. If possible, use a timer and pace yourself.

Thursday, 17 March
Wellness in the Workplace

1) Warm Up: Wellness Redefined
Take out your sheet from last week and answer the following questions:

  1. Define: What does wellness mean? 
  2. What type of wellness do you think is most important? Justify your choice.
2) Visualizing Wellness in your Ideal Workplace 
Illustrate and label your responses to the following for 10 minutes. Then, add on to your work by identifying types of wellness addressed in your workplace and finding work places that meet or exceed your wellness expectations.
  1. How can you practice wellness in the workplace?
    1. Where do you work?
    2. What is your career?
    3. What can you see out your window? Around your office? On your desk?
    4. How do you feel throughout the day?
    5. What are you wearing?
    6. What do you eat throughout the day?
    7. What do you do when you take breaks from working?
  2. How does wellness extend beyond the work day?
    1. What do you do before work?
    2. What do you do after work?
  3. Identify the components of wellness addressed in your typical day by flipping to the front of your page to the table you filled in last week. *Star* each wellness category each time something in your visualization contributes to that type of wellness.
  4. Career Connection
    1. Skim the list here.
    2. Find a business that you could work at considering your current career interests. Does this business meet or exceed your wellness expectations?
    3. Choose a business that has the best wellness plan according to what you want. Which business is it? What is one thing you would encourage your future employers to try that this company is doing?

Monday, 21 March
Revisiting Wellness Goals

1) Wellness Share Out!
  1. We'll head outside.
  2. When you get the bison, share the best strategy you learned to stay well.
2) Wellness SMART goals
Send me an email that you bcc yourself on. Use sentences! This email will include:
  1. An opening: Dear Ms. Nickel and my awesome self, 
  2. An introduction: To me, wellness is...
  3. Three SMART goals, one for nutritional, emotional/mental, and physical wellness.
  4. Skim through the website here and name one company and describe an interesting wellness initiative that you hope they have in your future workplace
  5. One plus and one delta for this unit overall
  6. A closing: Please remind me of my goals by... Thank you! Sincerely, your name
Tuesday, 22 March
Ms. Nickel will be at Elon for the Envirothon Competition. 

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