Sunday, April 17, 2016

How can I build the career experience I want? Week 34: 19-21 April

Happy Week 34 of Advisory!
What will you be?

1) Note sheet due tomorrow!
2) Ongoing: Complete your email draft tonight. If you do the informational interview, the final work is due to me by May 2.
3) Look into Summer Opportunities
Big Idea: Structures provide support
Essential Question: How can I build the career experience I want?
Objectives: I can...
...identify information that goes into a resume and cover letter.
...write a practice cover letter.

Tuesday, 19 April
Today you will begin building your career application tool box by reevaluating your career and college choices. Later in the week you will build a resume and then write a cover letter. Regardless of your future career choices, these skills will help you!

1) Warm Up: Positivity Moment
  1. Name the most interesting project or assignment you have done for class recently.
  2. Justify your choice.
2) Career Plan Builder Day 1
  1. Log in to My CFNC.
  2. Scroll over "Plan" and select "For a Career" at the top.
  3. On the right side bar under "Quicklinks" select "Career Plan Builder".
  4. Work through the builder.

Wednesday, 20 April
1) Warm Up: What was the most interesting thing you learned from the Career Plan Builder yesterday?

2) Career Plan Builder Day 2
  1. Return to "Career Plan Builder".
  2. Finish your work from yesterday.
  3. Add a second choice career.
Thursday, 21 April
1) Warm Up: Talk at your table: You are on the hiring committee at a large company. What will make you put job applications in the "YES!" and "Please nooooooo!" stack?

2) What makes a good resume?
  1. Create a T-chart.
  2. Label one column as "Good resumes" and the other as "Bad resumes".
  3. Use the resource here to characterize each type of resume.

3) How can I make anything sound good on a resume?
  1. Look back at the "Job Responsibilities" categories in the resumes above.
  2. Identify: Are complete sentences used? What part of speech seems to be important?
  3. You try! Use the resource here to find verbs that make the following two jobs sound important.
    1. You bagged groceries, moved carts, and worked as a cashier for 3 years in college.
    2. You were the treasurer of a science club at your college. This club did science projects at a local middle school to get kids hooked on science.

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