Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What do successful students do at LEC? Week 2: 9-11 August

Get ready for a year of success Advisees!
Homework: Sign and return ALL paperwork! 
Big Idea: Structures support success
Essential Questions: What do successful students do at LEC?
Objectives: I can...
...identify key components of the handbook.
...set goals.
...plan for success this year.
Tuesday, 9 August
The Scavenging of the Handbook
1) Warm Up: Sophomore Similarities and Differences
  1. Pick up a planner. Write your name on the outside.
  2. List any due dates and events you have this week.
  3. Think-Pair-Share: What is easier about sophomore year than freshman year? Harder? Similar? When you get a marker, add to the board.
  1. Take out your copy of the 2016-2017 Student Handbook (linked here if you've already lost yours).
  2. Take 5 minutes to read through the handbook and make annotations in the margins.
  3. On a sheet of paper, create AT LEAST 5 questions about parts of the handbook that you think might be important. Include the answer and page number!
  4. Tomorrow you will hunt through the handbook to answer your classmates' questions, so no sharing or peeking.
  5. These questions might also appear in the Buddy Day Kahoot next week!
  6. Hand your paper to me at the end of the period.
3) Exit Ticket: Share your wisdom with the freshmen by posting on the padlet below!

Wednesday, 10 August
The Handbook Games
1) Warm Up: Name Game

  1. When you get the ball, say "Thank you _____. I'm _______. Get ready to catch, _____." (Example: Thank you, Allie. I'm Ms. Nickel. Get ready to catch, Sam.")
  2. Throw the ball to the next person.
  3. Repeat and add more balls.
  1. Break into pairs.
  2. Open the handbook here.
  3. Use a black or blue pen to fill in the scavenger hunt sheet as fast and accurately as you can.
  4. When you finish, come to me to check your work and get a time stamp.
  5. The group with the most correct answers wins. Time will be a tie breaker. A food award will most likely occur.
Thursday, 11 August
Student Success Portfolio Overview
1) Warm Up:
  1. Open your planner and check off things you have finished. Add *stars* to things you still need to complete or do.
  2. List, on the board, the most helpful strategies you used last year (Think: Request to revise, Frayer models, study groups in the library).
  3. Fill in the Buddy Day Survey below!
2) Get Set: Project Overview and Goal Setting
  1. Read the Successful Student Portfolio assignment.
  2. List questions you have on your sticky note.
  3. Q&A Time
3) Go! Choose your tasks

  1. Fill in your goal sheet!
  2. Highlight the "Choice Portfolio Components" that you think will benefit you.
4) Exit Ticket: Write me one question about the portfolio task OR propose a choice component and stick this on your packet. Turn this in to me.

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