Monday, August 15, 2016

What do successful students do at LEC? Week 3: 16-18 August

Hey Advisees and Buddies!
Homework: Meet up with your buddy!
Big Idea: Structure supports success
Essential Question: What do successful students do at LEC?
Objectives: I can...
...list the rules and expectations at LEC.
...send a professional email. campus resources.
How could you illustrate you and your buddy?
...set and meet personal goals.
Tuesday, 16 August
Buddy Day

*Find your buddy room and go to the right place!*

1) Warm Up & Welcome!
  1. Fill in your buddy sheets.
  2. Save these and add them to your Advisory Guide.
2) Handbook Kahoot!

  1. One person signs in to play Kahoot.
  2. You may use the handbook to answer the questions.
  3. The winning team gets a prize!

3) Exit Ticket: Set up a time to meet with each other
Wednesday, 17 August
Professionalism for Students 2.0

1) Warm Up: Sophomoric Insights
There is folklore based history of the word "sophomore" that claims that the term means "wise fool". Think about your experiences so far as a sophomore. When have you felt wise? On top of things? Foolish? Confused about what is going on? Send me a professional email with your response. Requirements:

  1. Subject: Include the course name, your name, and a topic
  2. Greeting: Avoid "Hey". Include a greeting - don't go straight into the body of the email!
  3. Body: Write 4-6 sentences including at least one wise and one foolish event from your year so far. Ask me one question about sophomore year.
  4. Closing: End with sincerely and your name. Hit enter after "Sincerely,".
2) Flow Chart Review!
  1. Number off into groups and create your flow chart. 
  2. Flowchart requirements:
  3. VERY complex example here! Want to zoom in? Go here.
    1. At least 5 yes or no questions
    2. On larger construction paper
    3. Correct information is displayed
    4. Everyone's handwriting must be visible on your flow chart
  4. Flowchart topics:
    1. Where to find grades, transcripts, and classes using online resources from the community college (ie: Are you looking for your classes? - Yes! - Try WebAdvsior; No. - Are you looking for your grades...)
    2. What college classes go well with different majors and careers (Check your Advisory Guides and Graduation Plans for ideas!)
    3. How to get help in college classes
    4. How to make life decisions 
3) Exit Ticket: Flow Chart Gallery Walk
  1. Add a positive comment to one flow chart.
  2. Post a question on one flow chart.

Thursday, 18 August
Successful Student Portfolio

1) Warm Up: Look back at your planner and check off each item you have completed. Star items you must remember to do.

What might I not notice about your iceberg of success?
2) Get Set: Choose an activity to work on and list it in your log. If you need to meet with me, let me know!

3) Go: Complete your activity.

4) Record: Add any related artifacts to your Advisory Guide.

5) Reflect: Reflect in your log.

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