Monday, September 19, 2016

How can careful planning support my success? Week of 19-24 September

Hey Advisees!
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Big Idea: Structure supports success in college, careers, and life
Essential Question: How can careful planning support my success?
Objectives: I can...
...assess time management strategies I learned about.
...describe my successes and failures regarding time management.
...characterize the PreACT.
...set and meet goals.
Tuesday, 20 September
Time Management Reflection

1) Warm Up: Stand Up-Hand Up-Pair Up and tell your partner what you read about in DEAR. Would you recommend your book/reading or not? Why?

Image result for time management2) Time Management Stations Reflection

  1. Share: Which teacher had ideas that were most helpful to you? What do you do to manage your time that your teachers do not do?
  2. Ask: What questions do you still have about time management?
  3. Tell: Send me a professional email telling me about your biggest strength or struggle related to time management. Include one helpful link (link the words, don't just put the URL) (Consider a time management quiz, life hack idea, song that motivates you, etc!). Write at least 6 sentences. You may include any other questions, comments, or concerns I should know about at this point in the semester!
3) Closing Task: List your upcoming due dates in your planner. Check and respond to emails.
Wednesday, 21 September
PreACT Test Preparation

Image result for ACT1) Warm Up: What do you know about taking the ACT? PreACT? What are the benefits of the test?

2) Planning for Success on the PreACT:

  1. Make a copy of the document here.
  2. Work through the following as a class to answer the following: 
    1. Why take the PreACT?
    2. What is the format of the test?
    3. What do my numerical scores on the PreACT mean?
    4. What careers that the PreACT student folder will ask about am I interested in?
  3. Closing Task: What is your goal for preparing for the PreACT?
Thursday, 22 September
Successful Student Portfolio
1) Warm Up: Check in
Image result for meeting goals
  1. Check your planner and list what you need to do to meet your SMART goal for the week.
  2. Tell your neighbor what you read for DEAR tomorrow.
2) Get Set: Select an activity to complete today. Note this in your log.

3) GO! Complete the activity you chose for today.

4) Record: Add any related artifacts to your Advisory Guide.

5) Reflect: Reflect in your log.

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