Monday, September 26, 2016

How can careful planning support my success? Weeks of 26-30 September - 12-14 October

Hey Advisees!
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Big Idea: Structure supports success in college, careers, and life
Essential Question: How can careful planning support my success?
Objectives: I can...
...describe the PreACT.
...complete practice questions to prepare for the PreACT.
...plan how I will succeed on the PreACT.
...set and meet personal goals.
Know Where To Go!
Where to Go
Sept 27
Ms. Jackson’s Office w/ Ms. Nickel and Ms. Jackson
Test taking tips
Sept 28
Ms. Sawyer’s room
Oct 4
Ms. Cunkelman’s room
Completing the student survey
Oct 5
Ms. Willaert’s room
Oct 12
Ms. Nickel’s room with Ms. Delmaine
English (Grammar)
Oct 13
Ms. Grello’s room
Tuesday-Wednesday 27-28 September
PreACT Prep Day 1-2: Test Taking Tips

1) Success Tips for the PreACT:

  1. Complete the sample problem here
  2. Image result for succeeding on standardized tests
    1. Discuss: What makes this question easy to answer? Challenging? What can we do to make this easier?
    2. Plan: How can you use the test to help you succeed on the test?
  3. Wear a watch so you can pace yourself. (No PHONES on the day of!)
  4. Answer every question. You do not lose points for incorrect answers, you only earn points for correct answers.
  5. Unsure? Choose the best answer option and move on!
  6. Recheck your work if you have time.
  7. Ask questions to the proctor or administrator if you are stuck. They may not be able to answer.
  8. Remember the purpose:
    1. See where you need to focus before the ACT!
    2. Explore career interests.
    3. Get your name in the system for college mail and scholarships.
  9. Make an ACT Profile account here to have access to daily practice problems!
2) Brain Break: Take time to color and de-stress!
Thursday, 22 September
Successful Student Portfolio
1) Warm Up: PreACT Check in
Image result for meeting goals
  1. So far, what do you think will be a strength you can use on the PreACT?
  2. What part of the PreACT do you need to focus on preparing for?
2) Get Set: Select an activity to complete today. Note this in your log.

3) GO! Complete the activity you chose for today.

4) Record: Add any related artifacts to your Advisory Guide.

5) Reflect: Reflect in your log.

6) Closure: Tell your neighbor what you will read tomorrow in DEAR.

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