Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How can I manage my time to support my success? Week of 13-15 September

Hey Advisees!
Homework: Time management sheet due Thursday!
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Big Idea: Structure supports success in college, careers, and life
Essential Question: How can I manage my time to support my success?
Objectives: I can...
...organize my time.
...collect time management strategies.
...set and meet personal goals.
Tuesday-Wednesday, 13-14 August
Time Management Stations Day 2-3

1) Warm Up: If you could only put three things on your To Do list today, what would you list and why?

Image result for time management2) How I Manage My Time + Q&A
  1. Why I have rules for myself
  2. My "rules":
    1. Plan my free time
    2. Stay busy
    3. Notice my productive procrastination trends
    4. Avoid time sinks when needed (ie, avoid multitasking/Netflix when I'm busy)
    5. Schedule frequent purposeful de-stress/not work related time
  3. Questions?
Thursday, 15 September
Successful Student Portfolio

1) Warm Up:
    Image result for success
  1. Set up a new Progress Report Grades graph in your Advisory guide and add your current grades for high school and college classes.
  2. Fill in your College Career Readiness, Time Spent Studying and Procrastinating, and Positivity charts.
  3. Add your current high school GPA using PowerSchool and college GPA using AVISO.
2) Get Set: Select an activity to complete today. Note this in your log.
*Suggested activity: Review your graduation plan and see what changes you need to make. List two questions you have for me OR two changes you need to make.*

3) GO! Complete the activity you chose for today.

4) Record: Add any related artifacts to your Advisory Guide.

5) Reflect: Reflect in your log.

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